how many lvs did you see today??

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  1. real or fake. :yes:
  2. I saw close to 100 LVs when I shopped in Union Square and Westfield Shopping Center in SF last friday. They all looked real to me althought I can't be sure.:nuts:
  3. LOL. My sightings were all in the Valley Fair store yesterday. All real. I'm on the West Coast so it's still a little early for me.:upsidedown:
  4. I saw one was on the passenger seat next to me in my car. :roflmfao:
  5. i wish i could spot a real one here. I live in utah and all of them were fake :sad:
  6. None. I'm still at home.
  7. I bet in my town is no more than 10 LV and I 6 have of them:smile::smile: Pooor Poland
  8. i saw a fake cerises bag. Ick it was a bucket with long straps.
  9. LOL... I know exactly how you feel! Although now that more San Diego wives are moving into town (it's about a 3 hour drive) they're bringing their LVs. Haven't seen anything super special, though. In the last year I've only seen maybe a dozen that aren't plastic-y and super fake. That's not to say they were real, though.
  10. none today- but yesterday i saw a bh (real) and a black mc. don't know if it was real or not.
  11. at least you live in a big city though. I live in utah and i seriously havent seen any real ones
  12. Today - only 1 real, my BH!!!
  13. Today, hmmm 4. I'm at home and it's what I have out at the moment. I'm sure i'll see more later when I'm at the mall!
  14. Only my own in my closet :P

    I only went out quickly today to run to the supermarket
  15. Haha I haven't seen any today bc I haven't left home yet...just woke up! (lazy!!)

    Normally I see a few real ones and TONS of fakes...however, last night I was at an LV VIP party and it was SO REFRESHING to see so many authentic was like being in a candy store!! LOL
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