How many LVs did you have before this forum? How many NOW?

  1. Before I joined this forum I had 2 LVs....2!

    My first was a Speedy 25 I purchased on a whim. I was going to Japan and decided to buy me a LV before my trip.

    After carrying the Speedy, I decided that I needed a shoulder bag so I purchased the Boulogne. I must say that this bag is WAY underrated - I LOVE it!:heart:

    That's 2 bags -- in 2 YEARS....

    But then I was surfing the net and discovered this forum 2 MONTHS ago.

    I have since purchased an additional 6 BAGS or accessories and on the hunt for MORE, MORE, MOOOOORRRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I swear TPF should be getting commission!:lol:
  2. OMG! Before the PF I had:

    Cabas Piano
    Zipped Purse
    Pochette Cometique
    Sm. Mono Agenda

    After PF:

    Manhattan PM
    Monogram Hudson
    Bronze Vernis Bedford (since sold)
    White Suhali Lockit bag (not even out yet, I got by mistake of SA)
    Zipped Purse
    White MC Trouville (since sold)
    Mono French Purse (since sold)
    Suhali Sm Agenda Geranium
    Framboise Vernis 4 Key Holder
    Framboise Vernis Sm. Agenda (since sold)
    White MC Pochette
    Ceresis Pochette
    Ceresis Cles
    Graffiti Pochette Silver
    Bronze Vernis Reade PM (just got today!!)
    Mini Monogram Pochette Accessories

    This is all since I joined in April!!!

    I think that's it, man, my head is spinning just thinking about it all!
  3. I had 1 before tPF (my black MC Lodge)...since coming here about 2 months ago I've added:
    Speedy 30 mono
    Mono wallet
    Panda pochette

    And sometime this week/early next week I'll be purchasing a cerises pochette.
    MNy hubby has finally come to his senses...he says purses are better than gambling!
  4. No comment :whistle:
  5. Before joining this forum I had black Epi Speedy 25.

    Since tPF, I bought Mono Wapity, Damier Speedy 25, and The Birth of Modern Luxury book.
  6. much is that book?
  7. 0 prior then 2 current.
  8. Prior to PF I had SEVEN LV bags/accessories
    Keepall 45
    Mono Alma
    Mono Mini Looping
    Popincourt Haute
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Mono Pochette
    Mono Compact Wallet

    After PF I added 2 bags and 4 accessories
    Mono speedy
    Vernis Lexington
    Mono Wapity
    Cerises Cles
    Vernis Cles
    White MC Theda
    Fleurs Bandeau

    But I SOLD 2 bags, so I consider that "even" ;)
    I sold my PH and the BH to fund my Theda

    And in addition to the LV I branched out and also added
    2 Chloe Paddys and an Isabella Fiore
  9. I had 5 LV's before & I still have 5. I quit my job to go back to school so finances aren't there for me to splurge =(
  10. i'm am so surprised at myself. before PF I had:
    epi pochette
    perforated pochette
    perforated heels
    mc wapity
    monogram pen holder
    vernis cles
    mc scarf

    post PF:
    i haven't actually purchased anything. i am shocked at this- but my wish list is HUGE now. and i'm on a waiting list for a miroir speedy, does that count?
  11. 0/2

    (MC white Koala wallet, Saleya PM)
  12. The book was $125 + tax. I bought it at LV in NYC
  13. I had 20 LVs (incl. small accessories) before PF and added another 17 LVs (incl. small accessories) since joining on Jan. '06!:nuts:
  14. I had a total of 0 before the pf (I hated LV before) and now 6 or 7.
  15. I had 21 LV before PF (not counting accessories) and I have 26 bags now. I had mostly Mono and Epi bags. I became a big fan of the Damier pieces after becoming a member of the forum. Before the PF, I had 2 smaller Damier bags (Bellem PM & Impala pony hair -small bucket). I've since gotten the Duomo, Ravello GM, Chelsea tote, & Navona. I also fell in love with the Denim line after seeing all of the PF ladies pics and I got a Green Denim Baggy PM. The PF is a great help (but also dangerous to the pocket book!)