How many LV pieces do we all buy in one year?

  1. I know there's a lot of us on this forum but reading the threads gives the impression that we're all out there every day snapping up LV goodies every waking moment.
    So - how many pieces - bags, purses/wallets, accessories - do we all buy in one year?
    And, are our purchases five minute wonders until our next new piece or do we continue to love and use them?

  2. I'll prolly buy around 5 in total, some smaller, some bigger ticket. :yes:

    And they're all bought with love in mind. :graucho:
  3. I think I was similar in terms of shopping habit - in the last 12 months, Speedy 25 (mono, daughter), Speedy 25 (Damier, me), Speedy 30 (Mono, me), two batignolles horizontal (daughters), one porte tresor (daughter), one Koala (daughter), one koala mono agenda-rose (me, old one to daughter), one zippy wallet (me), one groom cles (daughter) and one pomme key holder (me). I think that's all -

    So not nearly as many as a lot of people on the board - but we had fun! (I will NOT add this up in my head or I will be forced to go on a ban - LOL!)
  4. Charleston-mom, what a great mum you are! So glad I have boys - more money for me for bags...!
    I've finally worked out, at the ripe old age of 43, that I actually end up spending less if I stick to designers I love - mainly LV - and buy a few choice pieces that I keep forever rather than buying loads of cheaper bags...just took me a while to cotton on!
  5. Probably 10 bags a year? Total. Not just LV. (Dare I say). Maybe a few more if I buy gifts.
  6. Some years I've bought many,way too many now that I think about it. This was back when I was selling a lot of real estate. Now, I'v found I didn't need quite so many different bags that I mostly didn't use. I'm down to a very respectable five LV's (not including accessories or Keepalls) that I may use. I had to have the CB's and the MC's and I did. I had the Eye series and when Suhuai came out, I had all that too. All the LE's are gone now as they just sat and were never lovingly used. Every single piece was mint when I sold it I am back to the basics now. I am happy now to stick to the classics and I'm a speedy and alma girl at heart. If it were 40 years ago and I was shopping at LV with only what was available back then, I would be happy!!!:yahoo:
  7. Past twelve months have been the busiest ever, 8 pieces + agenda refills and such...
  8. can you adopt me???:graucho:
  9. I don't think I am able to count that HIGH up. :shrugs:

    No, just kidding. :roflmfao:

    I "TRY" to buy about 3-7 LV pieces every year. :smile:
  10. MANY!!! haha :smile:
  11. I usually buy 3 to 5 bags per year, but not all LV. Although with me joining this forum this year that number may go up! There are just way too many LV things I'm loving!
  12. I'd love to say, "However many float my boat." Realistically, in the last few years, I've bought between 4-6 pieces per year. Yet I sell some to fund the purchase of something new. So, the number in my collection varies.

    Already this year, I've gone overboard and purchased 7 things. I sold 2 and returned one. But I have two pieces on the way and another to be purchased March 1st. Total for 2007 thus far: 10 items purchased, but I will only have kept 7 in my possession. I'm on a ban beginning in April.:roflmfao: Hopefully.
  13. last year was over the top for me...I purchased probably at least 1 LV piece a month..this year I've been a better girl...I've only purchased 1..the Monogram Multipli-Cite'

    I'm going to try to not spend so much $ this year...we're trying to save up for our dream vacation home...its hard..but I'm trying:yes:

    Does the Icons book count?? I guess I did purchase that last week so I guess I'm probably at 2 pieces this year..
  14. Well, I just started collecting LV in November - I was a Burberry, Gucci, Kate Spade girl up until that in November and December I bought:

    My 1st purse -BH and round coin purse from ELUXURY
    checkbook cover - (
    Mini Looping - (
    Key fob - (LV boutique)
    and then I bought the Looping GM off too!!!

    So far this year I have purchased, again from ELUXURY - Keepall 55!! Next purchase I think will be a Speedy 30 - not until my house sells!!!! I am now on a ban until then!!!
  15. Wow! It's certainly true that once the LV bug bites, it's hard to resist. I thought I was bad having bought one bag (Speedy 30) already this year but now I feel very virtuous!
    Only trouble is my wish list is getting ever longer - can't wait til April when I hit the LV boutique with my great long list.