How many LV have you purchased since you've joined this forum????

  1. Just curious how influencial this forum/our members are on us ;) For me, I haven't bought anything yet because there is no LV boutique here.
  2. I joined in September owning 0 items of Louis Vuitton, I now own 3 and want lots more, so it has definitely been influential on me! :biggrin: :tpfrox:
  3. I have bought about 5 LV items and 1 Fendi :crybaby: I can seriously hear my CC moaning :crybaby: I live in Winnipeg, so is either through eBay or charge send through the store :sweatdrop: But since then I have let go 2 LV items and my only Fendi :crybaby: Purse forum rocks.
  4. I live in Winnipeg too and wonder why we don't have LV boutique here :confused1:
  5. I joined in September 2007 with 0 LV... now have 10 and want more!!

  6. Me too :sad:

  7. Impressive :nuts:
  8. wow :smile:
  9. yeah, this forum definitely has GREAT influences! I just can't resist... to many enablers here... LOL!
  10. I have 3 prior to TPF, since I joinned in September'06 I have added 6 pieces to my collection. I would like to add 4 more before the end of this year.
  11. Before TFP I have zero LV now I have the following

    1. BH
    2. Mono Mini Looping
    3. Marais (Damier Bucket)
    4. Azur Saleya MM
    5. Dune Mini Lin Speedy
    6. Ebene Mini Lin Speedy
    7. Denim Baggy PM
    8. Long Strap for Baggy PM
    9. Black MC Solonge
    10. Pomme Vernis Rosewood
    11. Black Epi Pochette
    12. Mono Pochette
    13. Long Strap for Mono Pochette
    14. Mono Koala Wallet
    15. Mono Cles
    16. Pomme Vernis Cles Pochette
    17. Mono 6 Key Holder
    18. Damier 6 Key Holder
    19. Mono Credit Card Holder
    20. Fleurs Key holder
    21. MOCA Rond

    I think that is it. This place has been very hard on my bank account.
  12. I joined in Nov 2006 with 0 LV and now I have 7!
  13. amazing :nuts:
  14. I had zero LV before this forum and now have:
    -Damier Ebene Speedy 30
    -Mono Canvas Speedy 35
    -Mono Wapity
    -Damier Ebene Accessories Pochette
    -Mono Canvas clutch - not sure of the name (second hand purchase, can't wait to use it!)
  15. I had three pieces of LV before joining the forum. I haven't purchased since joining but did find out about the new Epi colours here. I'm a huge purple fan so I will be buying something soon.