How many LV boutiques have you purchased from? **Long but I have pics**

  1. I was looking at my collection yesterday, trying to remember which boutique I purchased everything from. I realised I have been to quite a few........

    Hawaii - Waikiki - visited many times over 4 years

    Hawaii - Ala Moana - ditto.

    Hawaii - Hilton Hawaiian Village - just looking

    Auckland New Zealand - many times - Miroir Keepall

    Auckland - DFS Galleria

    Brisbane Australia - once a year - little gifts for friends

    Sydney - Castlereigh St - visit 2 times - no purchase

    Sydey - The Rocks - jumped in a taxi from the other store to get my size shoes and was late for the airport

    Paris - 101 ave des Champs Elysees - the mother ship visited in March 06 - shoes and scarf

    Paris - Ave Mointaigne - same visit - Jewelry and shoes

    Munich - just looking

    Amsterdam - shoes

    Venice - small store just looking

    Honk Kong - Nathan Rd - just looking (had just been to Hawaii where I spent all my LV $$$)

    Hong Kong - Penisula Hotel Jewelry Boutique

    Hong Kong - HK Island Landmark

    Singapore - Raffles Hotel

    Singapore - Ngee Ann City (spelling???)

    So lets see how many boutiques we have visited.

    I have probably forgotten some but my total is 17.

    Whats yours???
    The collection (detail).JPG
  2. Nice!
    I have ones that I've BEEN to but I haven't bought from all of them and some I've had things sent to my store from other stores.
    Fashion Valley
    Horton Plaza
    South Coast Plaza
    Hollywood & Highland
    Beverly Center
    Rodeo Drive
    Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes
    Scottsdale (was shipped to my store, never visited)

    So 8
  3. Holy Moly that's a lot of shoes.

    I've only been to the one in Chevy Chase, the one in Shanghai, and the one in Tysons Galleria. [part of Neiman Marcus]
  4. I've visited:
    Calgary Holt Renfrew (purchased many things there)
    Edmonton Holt Renfrew (charge-send, once)
    Bloor, Toronto (charge-send, once)
    Landmark, Hong Kong (went there at least 1-2 times per week while I was there, purchased about 3 things there and did most of my exchanges there as well)
    Peninsula, Hong Kong (terrible experience, that was my one and only time, boyfriend bought his LV cup tie there)
    Lee Gardens, Hong Kong (terrible experiences, kept going back though because it was a convenient location, bought one thing there)
    Canton Road, Hong Kong (very brief visit)
    Pacific Place, Hong Kong (once, great service)
    Shinsegae, Seoul, South Korea (was in there for about 30 minutes)
  5. Great Collection the only store i bought stuff from where
    Louis Vuitton ,Holt Renfrew edmonton.
    Louis Vuitton, Holt Renfrew Vancouver.
  6. I've bought at least one item from every LV in NYC (SoHo, 57th Street, Macy's, Saks and Bloomies) and the LV in Manhasset. The LV at the Roosevelt Field Mall is a total waste of time.

    I've visited LVs in:
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Carmel, CA

    My company keeps swearing they will send me to Japan. I wish they would. I'm dying to see the LV in Tokyo (kaban o kudasai!).
  7. Oh if we count charge-send Hawaii found me a watch strap at Rodeo Drive and a silk/cahmere hoodie from 5th Ave so my new total is 19. My best expereinces were Waikiki ( i know many of the SA's -so service was superb) and Ave. Montaigne (spent 6 hours in thr - ooops)
  8. I'm boring- LV in Southpark Mall, Charlotte, NC and LV in Sak's in Raleigh, NC. I may have been to the one in Atlanta but that was a million years ago and never purchased anything there.

  9. Never boring......just faithful :tup:
  10. I've been to LV at
    South Coast Plaza
    Rodeo Dr.
    Fashion Valley
    Beverly Center
    and 3 out of the 5 I've bought from.
  11. Lol forgot one. The counter inside my Neiman's.
    So 9.
  12. south coast LV
    south coast Saks, bloomingdales
    century city
    beverly hills
    beverly center
    hollywood & highland
    saks bev hills
    horton plaza
    Neiman Marcus fashion island
  13. I wish I was into LV when I was travelling overseas!

    So my pathetic total:
    michigan avenue boutique - Chicago (too much to list)
    michigan avenue Saks - Chicago (too much to list)
    saks - Boston (nada)
    copley square - Boston (etoile bandeau)
    Seattle (I think 5th avenue) - nothing..they didn't have what I wanted in stock

    I've had a charge-send from KoP in PA.

    I'm boring...BUT this year I am travelling a bit and will hit up:
    At least one in London
    Vancouver (at least one if they have more then I'll hit them all)
    San Diego
    either vegas or NYC (when I go see the Spice Girls LOL)!
  14.'s the ones I've visited:

    LV Hong Kong at the Peninsula
    LV at Caesar's Palace
    LV at Lahaina
    LV at Waikoloa
    LV at Hilton, Waikiki

    and the only two I've bought from are:

    LV Ala Moana--95% of my collection is from there starting from the first purchased in 1999
    LV Waikiki--only bags from there are Sophie, Black MC Audra and a few other little accessories. Great store, not a fan of the traffic in Waikiki
  15. Boston,MA (Copley)
    Boston, MA (Saks)
    New York,NY- Flagship One East
    New York, NY- Soho
    Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes
    Troy, MI
    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX
    Manhasset, NY
    Las Vegas- Wynn
    Denver, CO