how many LV bags do you own...what is your limit?

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  1. How many LV bags do you own and what is your limit? I own 7 LV bags and wonder if it is too many....never use my gucci's or prada bags now...and still want more LV.....:nuts:...maybe we need to start a support group....:yes:
  2. I think there is a thread on this topic for a while ago...
  3. i have 7 bags and the skys the limit.
  4. I think this thread is different bec. I never read one where someone contemplated putting a limit on it. I am that kind of person though, I see an end in sight or I know how many bags I can handle w/out feeling overwhelmed that I have too many and that they are not all getting attention. I'm the type of person that gets rid of something she doesn't wear, so it would bother me to have a bag that I either wear very little or not at all.

    To answer your question...I own 4 LV bags, the ones in my signature's picture. I have no other bags, but have a small burberry novacheck clutch as well. I have no interest in buying any other designer, been there, done that(Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein and obviously low ends as well). I don't see myself having more than 7 bags in the future, and perhaps one evening bag(a mono recital is my ideal here), so then that would be a total of 8 I could see myself having but no more than that, and possibly only 7. In my head I have only picked out one other bag that I like and 'today' it's the azur speedy 30 so that will be bag #5 later on in the spring. So yes, I do have a limit, either 6 or 7 big bags and one or two evening bags and that's all I think I can manage w/out feeling cluttered and overwhelmed w/ my bag rotations.
  5. I have 15 LV and they are all getting used. I won't say the sky is the limit but I will keep aquiring new ones when I see something I like and I know I have a use for. I try to keep the collection as varied as possible thus maximizing usage.
  6. i think i have 11 bags, 2 wallets, and a wapity. at one point in time i thought i wasn't making use of them and felt bad about it. but now i make it a point to rotate every week or so and it brings back the love i have for each of the bag's style. :smile: as long as i feel that they're getting enough use, who knows what my limit will be.
  7. I keep thinking about this over and over at times....and I come to the conclusion that...if I had more funds...there would be more LVs.....

    For now Im happy with what I have....and have to stop for now.... lol...
  8. I have just one LV as I sold all my others LVs to buy other designer bags in leather. I'm a leather junkie but the one bag I've got I really love and I use her a lot as my summer and throwing around bag: it#s a denim baggy pm.
    In total I have 10 high end bags and some of them I don't use much but I still keep them for the special occasion like my Chanels. On a daily basis I use my BV and Balenciaga bags but even though I don't buy much LV bags I'm still very interested in the brand and what is new. I like their accessories better and I have a few of them.
  9. I only have three so far: A Neverfull MM, a Damier Speedy 30 and an Azur Speedy 30. But I only bought my first bag, the Neverfull, this June.

    I don’t set a limit because I never follow them anyway. :smile: By the end of this year, I’ll probably have at least five LV bags already, since I’m getting the Epi Alma in Ivoire this September, and the Beverly MM for Christmas.

    My problem is that I buy other bags as well, though none as expensive as LV.
  10. I have 3 so far, Mocha Epi Demi Lune Pochette,Vavin PM, and Damier Pochette, but I have more on my wish list. I don't have a limit but will only buy something if I really like it so it will get used. I also love LV accessories and will probably end up with more of those than anything else.
  11. I have 16 bags and 2 keepalls. That does not include all of my pochettes and other accessories..... there is NO limit!
  12. i have 17 bags. i would like my limit to be 20. then i will MAYBE stop.
  13. I have 20 and only buy accesories for now.
  14. I have 5 bags, a mini pochette, cles and 2 wallets. I've sold 8 other bags within 2 years. I always sell the old ones to purchase the new arrivals.
  15. A lot (counting Pochettes as well) but I haven't gotten a bag for awhile. The last one I got was the pink/pink CB Pochette a few months ago. I've slowed down on the bags and have been getting more accessories, but I don't have a limit to how many bags I need/want.