How Many love Azur?

  1. HI...
    I have to admit that I have never really been a fan of the Damier collection because I have always love the MG line "BUT" the new Azur is getting my attention and I am thinking of either ordering the Pochette with matching cles or the speedy 25... sad to say but I can only afford (either -or ) of what I mentioned above.
    Can I have some thoughts from you Azur owners... Thanks
  2. I love the azur line. I have both sizes of the pochette and have been using them since February. My mom has the speedy 25. It still looks fresh and she's been using it since May or June. I'll be carrying my pochette right through the winter. I wasn't sure I would because of the light colors, but have found they coordinate well with many of my fall/winter coats.
  3. I'm not an Azur owner but I'd sure love to be one day soon :smile: I think its sooo pretty, and I like it better than the regular Damier. I saw the Azur speedy carried once, and fell in love with it
  4. me !!!! i luv it cos it look like white chocolate !!! lol
  5. I have an Azur speedy 25 and it's adorable! This is the bag I've gotten the most compliments on :]


    Not going to lie though- I use my regular Damier much, much more. I still fear pairing the Azur with a lot of my outfits. Although I was afraid of dirt & grime It seems to be holding up really well :tup: . But- I was at work the other day and a women came in with one that had the dirtiest handles ever, and it made the bag look kind of gross. I guess because its such a clean color and patteren, the really dark patina didn't quite suit it. *shrugs* It's not an everyday bag for me- but I still love it!
  6. I love Damier Azur but am afraid that i'll stain it if its a big bag.
    So i got the Cles! But in the end i still stain it with my blue jeans because i put it in my back pocket. But i still love it! :p
  7. I personally don't "LOVE" it *THAT* much. It's just okie for me. Refreshing, but not amazing.
  8. I really wanted an azur speedy 30, but I don't like the azur canvas with looks kind of dirty to me.
  9. I don't really like it. It's too light-colored for my taste.
  10. i :heart: azur!
  11. get the speedy! the azur is growing on me too and i think the speedy is so cute!
  12. I was the same way nutz4purses (love the name by the way...)
    I'm mainly a fan on the monogram and I was never into the Damier but once the Azur came out I found myself looking at it more and more. Last Spring I decide to get a mini pochette in Azur and that made me fall in love with Azur even more.

    This past August when I was in California on vacation I stopped at the Rodeo Dr. LV and bought the Azur Speedy 25 and have not regretted it. I love it and it's now one of my favorites. I get a lot of complements on it as well.

    The ONLY thing I don't like is that I live in the mid west and once it starts snowing there is no way I'll use her, so she's put away until spring. You can see my Azur in my collection picture in my signature....

    Oh, and I say go with the Azur speedy 25!!!! :yahoo:
  13. OMG... This looks soooooooooo amazing with your outfit, LOVE IT!!! This photo makes me want the Azur even more. Thanks so much for sharing :tup:
  14. Thanks, believe it or not my DH came up with that name when I first began on eBay.
    Are the Azur speedy's hard to find? I think I will call and see what they say :yahoo:
  15. I love Azur. I saw someone carrying Speedy 25 in Azur at Saks once and it was so cute. She had a dark outfit on but it looked really nice. I love the lighter color combo. I'm waiting to get a Speedy 30. The 25 is an awkward size for me.