How many Longchamps do you own?

  1. i love the color!!! lilac!!!!
  2. Only 2: a black pliage and a red leather mid-size tote with classic silver toggle closure.
  3. only one in Kiwi so far. I wish they'd make a bright turquoise or greenish blue shade...
  4. I just got my first one - a kiwi green LePliage with long handles- last week and love it! I will sure buy more soon.
  5. Just the one small Le pliage with short handles in lilac
  6. Just one:

    Dark brown Le pliage (Large)
  7. uno! One large brown tote
  8. I have one:smile:
  9. 1 a large le pliage, I think I'll get a couple more it's my museum/amusement park bag
  10. i have 6, 3 are special editions...1 small, 1 shopping w long strap, 2 mediums w long strap, 1 medium w short strap and 1 overnight. I love them for travelling..foldable yet hardy, stylish yet you dont have to baby them...they are my fav souvenirs from europe!
  11. I have a grey calfskin messenger/large pouchette now as of last week, no Pliages (yet). I noticed it was made in China though; are the canvas bags also made in China these days?
  12. I have owned a few Le Pliage totes (have 2 now) and had a Roseau Shopper that I sold. I regret selling it and am going to buy another in the Fall. I know the Roseau line is very conservative, but I have found that Medium Shopper is one of the most versatile bags ever! I got more compliments on that bag than so many others I've had, and it's so lightweight.
  13. They are very popular in France but I only have 1

    and its vintage probably from the late 1990s.

    Its a fairly small shoulder bag bright metallic green/blue iridescent colour of dragonfly wings.

    I would love an interesting coloured large-ish 'bowling bag' (I don't know what they're officially called). I'm on the look out but no hurry.
  14. 10 bags (mostly large totes, some smaller) and a bunch of random coin purses and stuff
  15. I have four. A Le Pliage small in black, medium in white with white straps, a large in brown, and a large shoulder tote in gray with white straps.