how many logos can a perso wear at once

  1. i have had this discussion recently with my freind in response to this one girl we have on campus who insists on wearing LV ambre boots the monogram abesses messenger along with either a ambre tote sometimes a monogram papillion or speedy and mongram scarf monogram belt and when it rains brings out the logo umbrella . now i an not one for the monogram canvas line but i myself wld feel direly uncomfortable with that many prints like maybe it is just a personally thing but i wanted to get information from the purse forum one how people here where logos and if so where do they draw the line on how many to wear at once .... i for one will carry a signtaure coach bag but as for coach shoes i am drawn to the burke canvas shoes or the ballet sigture stripe flats or legcay stripe or now the tatterstal shoe ..... like i feel as though one can only do two or three at max of promeinet logos at once being a bag or glasses or bag and wallet or all three
  2. You should only wear 1 logo'd item at a time. Otherwise you look cheesy.
  3. I have seen some of the LV ladies wear a pair of LV shoes and a matching bag at the same time, and it looked totally fine. They kept the rest of their outfit subtle and logo-free. Head to toe logos looks tacky, though.
  4. I only wear one at time (minus jewelry).
  5. I think more than one looks extremely tacky!!!!
  6. Me too
  7. I prefer one logo or none at all. :smile:
  8. I think one is the most..but I can see the shoes and bags matching (although it's not my style). Anything more is just tacky and tasteless.
  9. As a general rule, only one logo item. Some can be matchy- ie shoes and a bag, but that's tricky and requires thought in the rest of the outfit.
  10. If I wear something "logoed" then everything else is toned down but to each his own.
  11. I can see this, it is something I am conscious of, if I wear a logo bag (mostly carry leather now) then I won't wear the logo shoes (although my Coach shoes are understated).

    Makes a challenge sometimes when I have sunglasses, bag, jewelry, belt, and shoes from the same brand. Obviously I would never wear them all at the same time.
  12. Two at most (a Burberry scarf and a black Gucci bag)... there is a thin line between classy and tacky if you have too many logos on you....
  13. I'm just reminded of Edina on AbFab (Absolutely Fabulous)....too many logos looks a little cheesy in my book.

    However, classy/understated logos or fine-print logo patterns are ok...just as long as they are paired with (classy) neutral items. Luxe to me is about texture too - so cashmere, silk, and other fine fabrics rate high in my book when paired with logo stuff....but I'm with PP: two logos max.
  14. For me, more than one logo is showing off, three or more is like being a walking billboard
  15. just one!