How many legacy leather bags do you own? Which color/style is your favorite?

  1. How many legacy leather bags do you own? I am seriously in :heart: with this line.
    I currently own the following:

    Shoulder Bag: Black and Pond
    Ali: Whiskey, Natural, Blk and Brown
    Mandy: Natural (I ordered this bag from JAX and it came damaged so I had asked JAX to send me two different ones. They instead sent me a replacement Mandy in perfect condition. I had intended to exchange it for something else because it is heavy. But I keep looking at her cause she is GORGEOUS. :love: I just can't do it!)

    I own a few older Gucci bags which I am selling to hopefully buy some more legacy. What do you own? What do you love? Of the satchel and mandy, what is the must have color? Also, what is considered a good price on eBay?:shrugs:

    Mandy seems to go for $500-$550 now.
    Satchel is a bit lower from $450-$550.

    Am I crazy to get more of this line? What if I get tired of it later? Although, I really don't think I will. Also, I don't own one white it time to get a legacy piece in white?Please help.:wtf:
  2. All of my bags are from the legacy line except for my bordeaux Miranda. My other bags are:

    black leather '06 legacy satchel
    whiskey Mandy
    whiskey Lily
    natural legacy slim tote
    khaki/black signature Ali

    I'm a sucker for legacy!!!
  3. HI - Is the Legacy Slim tote smaller than the gigi? I've got to tell you I don't know where I was in 2006 that I completely didn't even pay attention to this legacy line! I am obsessed with coach and bags and have been for years... I was working so much in 2006 that I didn't have time for anything else! A lot of these bags are fairly new to me so you can imagine my excitement!! :yahoo:
  4. I like you love the Legacy Line but I am branching out into Bleeker. I don't like the fact that you cannot wear the Legacy Line out in the rain as it gets spots. This is not true of the Black and white Legacy Leather - this is why I own three pieces of black and white. This is what I own in Legacy.

    Mandy - Black
    Ali - white, brown, black and whiskey
    Gigi - Clay
    Leigh - Raisin

    I do love this line alot but I am moving into darker colors like the raisin as you don't need to be so careful with this color as it is a deep plum. For me the must have colors in the Legacy are black, whiskey and brown. Any other colors like pond, raisin, citron or juniper are great colors too. You just need to decide what works for you and your lifestyle/wardrobe. I got the Mandy in Black as I can wear it with anything and you don't need to be careful with the Black color. I love this bag and got it for a steal.
    I think that I may carry it tomorrow.
  5. Hi, yup the slim tote is smaller than the gigi. I bought gigi in clay during this past pce but while I loved the color I really didn't like the bag as a whole. So when I was in returning it a girl walked into the boutique with a white slim tote and I had remembered seeing it in the store when it came out and loving it. So I went home, searched eBay and found one!
    IMO the 2006 legacy line is way better than this years, at least in terms of the satchels and the Ali, which is the shoulder bag with this version I believe. Of course they did redeem themselves with this years by putting out the Lily and the Leigh!
  6. LizCordove, you mentioned the legacy line can get spots from the rain, which legacy bag. I currently own the Brown signature Legacy Shoulder bag and really love it. I never thought about the rain. :sad:
  7. Mandy - Black & White
    Lily - Whiskey
    Shoulder Flap - Whiskey

    I love them all... I want another of the flaps in Black & a Hippie too.
  8. I have--
    a Pond Legacy Shoulder bag
    a Whiskey Legacy Satchel
    a Black Mandy (bought for me by my boyfriend last week!)

    right now Mandy is my fav since it's from my BF and I've wanted her for so long!

    they all have their place though and I use them all!
  9. I would love to get a slim tote but I only see them in white and one in natural on ebay. I would purchase the natural but it is going for $ you know of this is a good price. I don't even know what it originally sold for...Thanks!
  10. For those of you that have the satchel, is it incredibly difficult to get in and out of? I would like to get one in whiskey but I am wondering if it will get dirty much more quickly than a mandy or shoulder since it is not worn on the shoulder?? I honestly don't think I have seen the 2006 satchel anywhere which is why I am asking all these questions? Thanks so much!
  11. I only have the white leather Ali and rose Legacy flap... but I love them!! I used my rose flap for the first time yesterday and all I got were compliments along with one, "Wow, Maya, that's the smallest bag I've ever seen you carry!!" *lol*

    I'm really glad I ventured into leather (and this ONLY happened after seeing all these photos on this forum - and Hayden's white Ali!!). I would absolutely LOVE to get more pieces, but the ones I like are sooo heavy and I want to avoid that. The medium Carly is heavy enough!

    I would definitely love to get a leather in the pond color... I saw one at the outlet yesterday and I loved it, but too heavy and the straps aren't long enough to fit nicely on the shoulder.
  12. Your rose legacy must be gorgeous!! I have been looking for one everywhere and can't seem to find it! Not even on ebay....:crybaby:
  13. I've got (all '06 styles):

    Legacy Shoulder Bag--Black, Brown
    Ali--Khaki/Black Signature
    Legacy Pouch—Khaki/Black Signature
    Legacy Flap—Whiskey
    Legacy Shoulder Zip—Whiskey

    I'm most partial to the shoulder bag, especially the brown! But whiskey will always be my favorite color.
  14. I've had my satchel for a year and it looks awesome. It's darkened a lot since I bought it and is gorgeous. It has plenty of scratches but that doesn't bother me. When I carry it, it's mostly on the crook of my arm but occassionally my shoulder. I don't see that's it's any "dirtier" than my shoulder bags. I don't put it on dirty surfaces but that's about it. It would be nice if it had those brass feet on the bottom!

  15. There was another one at my outlet when I went last night!!