How Many Laws Did You Break Today?

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  1. Even if you didn't know it?

    Think about it. While driving, did you signal for every lane change? Follow too close? Use your phone? Park improperly, even if just for a minute? Drive too fast, or too slow?


    Smoke in the wrong place?

    Toss something that didn't end up in a trash can?

    Do you know every law on the books where you live and work? Are there laws you didn't even know about against things you normally do?

    I've read that almost everyone does at least one thing nearly every day that could get them arrested under certain circumstances.

    People are even being arrested or charged for things they post on the web or for doing things they consider to be jokes or pranks even if no one is harmed.
  2. I broke 1. That I know of. Kinda. But maybe not. More like bent it. Just a little. That is all.
  3. I sped while driving into work. I'm pretty good with signaling, but I might have missed one.

    Oh, I robbed a bank, so there's that.
  4. I always speed at least 20 kms over speed limit so definitely broke that law today and basically every day. I forgot to signal a few times today (but I'm usually pretty good at signaling).
  5. Unknowingly picked some wildflowers at the state park. Displayed them on the picnic table until I saw the sign. Feel terrible about breaking the law.
  6. 5 felonies
  7. Probably speeding today but not too much, probably 5km/h max.
  8. I sped a little this morning.
  9. I ate a medjool date on my way home from the green grocer and tossed the pit onto the sidewalk. I'm hardcore.
  10. chatted on the phone while driving using my handheld. (its illegal here in MD)
  11. Where I live (in Canada) we have to display our "L" to show that we're learners until we take our road test to receive our Novice. I completely forgot to put it on the back of my car when I pulled out today and drove without it for the entire day. I could've lost my license for that!
  12. Not wearing my safety belt. I hate to wear it. Only wear it when I am driving out of town, sometimes. If a police drives near me, I pull it across and then let it go once he is out of sight. Bad, Bad, Bad I know, but I didn't grow up wearing safety belts. Never got into the habit. I also have a habit of speeding, but my car drives so smooth that before I know it I am driving 85.
  13. Not wearing my seatbeat for the very short drive home.
  14. Nice try NSA!! I'm onto you!!:ninja:


    (where's my tinfoil hat?)