How many lately got a NF MIF?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a Azur NF GM (pink lining) and I'm wondering if anyone has been able to find a MIF in the US? I was told that the Speedys and the NFs usually are made in the country of origin.
  2. well, i was able to get the mono mm in rb mif, but have had no luck with the azur. finally just caved and ordered one off of the website. i did see a youtube video with the mm in azur mif, but have no idea about the gm. sorry i was not much help. good luck and let us know if you find a gm mif : )
  3. Do you think guys it's still worth buying the Neverfull with the price 1800 CAD for Neverfull Mono GM? I remember back in 2009 when I bought my speedy, the Neverfull was cheaper. Now the price boost up a lot. Going back, I wish I bought the Neverfull first because the price of the speedy is still relatively close to it's price before unlike the Neverfull. What are your thoughts? And yeah. im looking for Made in France too.
  4. I think out of all my bags the NF it's my favorite, so much that I'm buying another one in a different pattern. I think when I bought my first one several years ago I paid around 900 U.S. So yes it has gone up in price but to me it's the one bag I use the most. I also own two Speedy Bs I still grab the NFs. Good luck.

  5. When I purchased my GM in Monogram I received a MIF
  6. My DA RB neverfull is MIF. I had it ordered because the store didn't have any in stock and I lucked out by getting MIF. They are definitely harder to find, I checked 2 other boutiques and they didn't have any MIF, but it's not impossible.
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    I went to 2 stores in HI, 2 stores in WA, and 1 store in OR- nobody had the mm in DA with RB that was MIF so I caved and bought the US one. I got mine when it first came out.
  8. I ordered my DA NF GM with rose ballerine interior and it's MIF. When I went to my store last month, they only had one (I figured they're probably sold out that's why I ordered) and that one was MIF, too. Maybe this first batch are all MIF--I hope that's the case and you get one, too!

  9. I wondered the same thing, too, and got two GMs once I saw UK price increases and figured US will probably have an increase this year as well. I did think long and hard about it--I reassessed my lifestyle and collection. After selling 7 LV items that allowed me to get the NF GMs, they're my favorite and most often used. Pretty, practical and spacious!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462635723.795637.jpg
    Bought it a few days ago
  11. What did u get? The mono or DE?
  12. I wish I can get a MONO NF MIF
  13. I had the mm in monogram that was made in Spain. I think that one was my favorite. Should have kept it!
  14. I'm excited even though I didn't get a MIF I did get the Azur GM with the pink interior. I had to order it yesterday because they didn't have any. I'm now waiting to pick it up and have it heat stamped maybe today since they came in this morning. I love the NFs.
  15. I got DE because my SA thinks Mono may be coming out with a new interior color later this year called "raisin," so I'm waiting for confirmation.:smile: