How many languages do you speak?

  1. I've seen so many people on tPF from around the world I thought it might be fun to see all the languages they can speak!

    I can only speak English but understand German quite well. My DH was born in Berlin and whenever I hang out with his family or watch German TV I can usually figure out what they are saying.

    So, how many and which ones?
  2. English & Arabic for me.
    Used to speak a bit of french cause I was learning it in school but I let it go so I forgot most everything I knew with time.
  3. i can speak finnish, swedish and english fluently. i'm pretty proficient in danish, and my french isn't too bad either. my german is rusty but it would come back pretty quickly if i tried i think. i've done a year of italian so i'm pretty much a beginner but i can understand most of italian vogue :lol: and i understand norwegian and can make myself understood in norway in a strange swedish/danish mixture. oh and i can read a bit of old norse but that's not all that useful to anyone really :roflmfao:
  4. Maybe for a viking war?? LOL

    I like your name and avatar. I know enough German to know what pineapple is!
  5. English and Mandarin Chinese (about a 3rd grade level) -- my high school forced us to learn a second language and I transferred a day late ....hence me learninf Chinese.

    However, should I ever get upset, I also tend to speak "Ghetto Midwestern" where you just drop every third word and replace it with a dirty one. For example "You stupid sh*t. How the f*ck did you do that? Listen you dumbsh*t -- I will f*cking rip you a new one if you don't get me what I asked for. F*ck this sh*t and let me speak to your g*d d*mn manager!"

  6. English, pretty decent French, Tagalog and American Sign Language...a little Italian and Spanish.
  7. Besides English, I speak Spanish fluently.
  8. English, West African Creole, and a tad bit of French.
  9. lol clake76 :smile:

    yo hablo espanol pretty fluently. took 6 years in highschool and haven't needed to in college bc i got AP credit, but i can still speak it well enough. it comes in handy in tejas quite often.
  10. english, japanese, and tagalog here
  11. I speak English, pretty decent Spanish, and some American Sign Language.
  12. Yo soy halbo espanol! I think it's funny, but one of the first things I learned in my highschool class was how to say your mama, which it tu madre! Oh, burn!!! :p
  13. I speak English and Spanish mainly. I took a year of German in High School, so I know a bit of that. I was learning how to speak Italian on the computer, so I know a couple of sentences and words. My sis is a linguist in the Navy and speaks Serbian-Croatian, so she taught me a couple of words. Her husband is a linguist in the Air Force and speaks Arabic, so he taught me a couple of words as well.

    I REALLLLLY wanna learn Russian and become more fluent in German.
  14. My first language is Spanish and started learning English at age 5, so I'm fluent in both languages. I took a year of Japanese in college and wish I could speak German!
  15. Russian, Ukrainian- native,
    English- fluently (have a degree),
    French- quite well (degree too),
    Italian- can read, manage a bit (modelling in Italy),
    Hebrew- understand a bit, know some phrases (from my BF)