How many languages do you speak?

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  1. ...and what are they? Can you also read and write in those languages?

    I'm just posting this out of curiosity :P

    I speak and understand Cantonese, Mandarin, English. I can also read and write them.

    I've also learned German and French but now only understand French, hehe.

    What about you?
  2. English and Arabic (all skills)... i would love to learn Italian and French :smile:
  3. I can speak and write english, cantonese, mandarin, japanese and a bit of spanish.

    One language I learnt for 7 years is Indonesian - but i've forgotten most already!

    Hopefully I'll be able to learn Arabic sometime too!.
  4. I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and a dialect spoken in the dutch caribean which is called Papiamento. I can also speak a litte German.
  5. I speak Italian and Spanish - but my Italian is rusty. I can understand and read it fine though.
  6. spanish, swedish and english.
  7. swedish - read, speak and write fluently
    english - as above
    finnish - as above but i'm very self-conscious about my grammar sometimes and i forget words. been away too long really.
    danish - understand everything i read, most of what i hear and i can speak it pretty well but i confuse it with swedish when i write and make mistakes :shame:
    french - reading is fine, but i'm rusty with everything else. used to be nearly fluent so i should go spend some time in france really.
    german - rusty but i can read it and understand if you don't speak too quickly. i can form sentences and my grammar is fine but i don't remember the words i want because it's been so long since i had to use german.
    italian- i took a year of it and i know the basics, reading is fine but they speak soooo fast :wtf:

    i'd still love to learn a bunch though. spanish, portuguese, russian, arabic, mandarin and japanese would be great!

    not that i'm ambitious or anything :lol:
  8. 4-English, Russian, Spanish and French (my weakest).
  9. Just English and German. My German is getting a little rusty though as I haven't had lessons for a couple of years now.
  10. -My Father was born in Baya, Hungary so we grew up with many Hungarian relatives that did not speak English. I cannot write in Hungarian though.

    -I took 7 years of Hebrew, including Ulpan classes and was a Hebrew teacher for 4 years.

    -Conversational Yiddish, some Polish and quite a bit of Sign languge (I babysat a 10 year old child who was deaf 1-2x a week for 2 years and I couldn't communicate with him unless I learned some :smile: )
  11. I speak, read, write both English and Spanish. When I was little I could speak Italian with my grandparents but have forgotten most of it. I can still understand a decent amount of Italian movies, conversations, etc but can't really speak or write it.

    I would really like to learn Brazilian portuguese since there is a huge Brazilian population in my area.
  12. English - speak, read, and write fluently
    Cantonese/Mandarin - speak and read, but forget how to write
    French - can read/write better than I can speak
    Korean - can read/write better than I can speak
  13. I am fluent in Greek and English.
    French and Spanish (still learning)
    Some Serbian, just conversational
  14. Cantonese, Mandarin, some Japanese, some Spanish, a bit of French, and can understand Taiwanese dialects. Writing-wise, I'm fluent in Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and am better in written Spanish and Japanese than spoken. I need to learn more languages though. My SO and his family are fluent in Spanish so I'm trying to brush up on mine. After that I would like to master Italian and French.
  15. english, german, french : fluent in all three
    and a bit of italien