how many languages can you speak fluently?

  1. including any dialects.
  2. English
    Pig Latin and some Italian.
  3. 0!

    I sometimes forget even common words in my primary language.


    I wish I could speak fluently in a bunch of languages.
  4. oh i had no idea there was a thread already...tks beauty
  5. English
    Fraenkisch :p
  6. I learned how to speak French and Italian in Junior High School and High School, I used it whenever I could and did pretty well.

    But if you dont use it you lose it. I can read it still but have trouble speaking French and Italian now.

    I can say 'My name is Donna" VERY well!


    My daughter is fluent in Spanish and French.
  7. Spanish
  8. English and Spanish!
  9. Espanol & English
  10. English and Russian
  11. English
    I speak SOME Spanish but would not really consider myself fluent. I am currently studying German.
  12. English and Spanish.
  13. Spanish (first language!)
    Italian (close second, dad's side of the family)
    English (school in the US and England)

    I can speak some tagalog but I don't consider myself to be fluent.
  14. English
    Mandarin Chinese