How many kids do you have?

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  1. Hey guys! I'm just wondering how many kids do you have (boys / girls) and what are their names? If you still don't have, how many do you want to have and what are you going to name them?
  2. For me, I have one girl:

    4 years old: Freya Ericka

    and one on the way!

    If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Audric Andrew

    and if it's a girl, I'm going to name her Luella Andrea! hehe!
  3. Nice name. I've a 3 months old daughter.

    Alyssa Chloe.

    And I think I'm pregnant again. . . . Not too sure if it will affect my health. :/
  4. I have 1 girl, and her name is Farah.
  5. Anyway, if it's gonna be a son next time, it will be Maximillian Raphael.
  6. I have 4 all girls! (help)

    Nicolle 15

    Victoria-lee 13

    Paige 10

    Erin 3
  7. i've 1girl(3) and 1 boy (13mths)
  8. In my opinion, it's more fun having a daughter than son.
    More cute clothings, and you can doll her up!
  9. 3, all boys; 18, 13, 6
  10. 1 boy - 7
    twinke.tink: Do they get worse when they become older?
  11. two boys 9 & 4 Austin Gerard
    Tarefinny & Vivianne Leslie would had been my name choice if I had girls instead
  12. Boy - Andrew Jordan - AJ - 18
    Girl - Keirstin Ariel - 14
  13. 2 girls!
  14. :heart: I have 4-year-old twin boys: Ali & Kareem :heart:
  15. I like the names you picked out!