How MANY is tooooo Many bags

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  1. This may have been discussed but how many bags/color/designer to you guys have. I always think I have to many....

    1 LV galleria
    1 LV NF

    1 MJ Jen Satchel (Royal Blue)
    1 MBMJ Francesa Tote (Port)
    1 Kooba (Black)
    2 Treesje Marley (Grey & Purple)
    1 RM MAB (Tangerine)

    4 Coach (Kristen Rouched Hobo Navy, Large Brooke Taupe, Kristen Large Satchel Python & Grey Embossed Croc Carryall)

    2 LV wallets
  2. I think this varies greatly by person. I have around the same number as you (10 Coach, 4 Kors and about 20 accessories - wallets, fobs, etc) and I feel like I have or am approaching too many. I get stressed if I have bags sitting not being used so I made a rotation schedule to get my bags into rotation, but even with 14 they aren't getting as much usage as I would feel comfortable with. I'm ready to downsize or at the very least not add any more.

    Only you can decide what the right number for you is - some people seem to be OK with 50, some with 2 or 3. But I think the fact you are questioning it (like me) shows you probably don't want to add any more to your collection right now.
  3. Yes Iam done for awhile seems I have more fall/winter then Spring/Summer I rotate M-F then use a different bag for weekends
  4. When one rummages through her closet and forgets about a bag she purchased with tags still attached, that might be a sign. I'm not referring to myself but I've heard of that happening.
  5. this is scarey cause I think I'm over the top and need to get a grip, as I'm in triple digits. Granted, they aren't Chanel or LV or Hermes. But 800.oo leather Coach, lots, M. Kors, and Brahmin, my latest love, (have you ckecked them out lately?)
  6. It depends on how much space you have in your closet and how much you switch out you bags! I have a little closet and switching between bags annoys me a lot so even 10 would be too many for me.

  7. Brahamin is a great line........must resist maybe for the Spring/Summer
  8. I limit myself to what fits in one drawer plus the one I'm using which goes on a shelf by my bed. We have a teeny-tiny condo so we have to think about 'where to store it' more than 'how to pay for it'. I looked over my collection today and I have:

    Coach Hailey, Hippie, Duffle, Demi-Pouch, Large Wristlet
    Kate Spade Tina
    Stuart Wietzman Flap (not sure of real name)
    No-Name - three

    When I was a child I had a walk-in closet - maybe ten outfits plus a bunch of toys! I'd love it now, I'd have ten outfits and a wall full of purses!
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    that's applicable to me before i purge and stop the mad fast buy/sell cycle. i bought so much so fast and then sell it after 1 use due to guilt and having too many bags than i start the cycle again :faint: and suddenly i can no longer remember which bag do i still have off-hand :shocked: that really made me worried and prompted me to be more discipline regarding buy/sell and do a clean up.

    i've 1 big box for storing all my bags and it's already full so i don't have any more storage space. i also use cost per wear to judge my spending.

    currently i've 7 nice bags
    + 4 baby bags (cost per wear has hit $1 so i don't really consider them as part of my bag indulgence :P)
    + 1 wallet
    i'm still tempted to add a few but i'm telling myself no no no

    everyone is different and u have to ask yourself how many will u be comfortable with :yes:
  10. depends. some people are happy with 80 while others prefer to get lots of use out of a few bags.

    i belong to the latter.

    i'd be very happy with about 10-15 bags :smile:
  11. ummm
    i say i can never have too many
    but my bf begs to differ
  12. I would stop around 15 and rotate them when occasion calls for it. :smile:
  13. "Too many" bags depends on a number of things. What might be too many for one, may not be enough for another. There is no one answer for your question.
  14. the number is different for everyone. I don't think you can have too many if you love them, use them, & don't go into debt to buy them.
  15. OP,

    How do you feel about what you currently own? Do you feel like it's too much for you are you fine and still searching for more?