How many is TOO many???


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Jul 31, 2009
Hi Ladies...

Question? How many is TOO many? I know you are all serious collectors, I have seen the proof in the collections thread, BUT how many bags do I really need to own? I LOVE L.A.M.B. i’ve given away all of my coach and Louis Vuitton to be brand loyal. I LOVE rocking a bag that MOST people have NO clue what it is. Plus, the styles, print and colors really speak to my personality.

At this point I have 25 pieces of L.A.M.B. I have not gone broke collecting or buying, its just at the end of the day I only have two hands and I pretty much adore the Mandeville. I read that people are coveting bags that i’m just possessing and NOT using. How do I let go? How do I know that if I part with Carlisles and Oxfords that I wont regret it. One day I could be getting dressed for an occasion, go to grab that rasta oxford, only to remember its GONE!!! How do you know you wont EVER need it??? How do I let go? Should I let some go?

I just feel like I have too many that crazy? or do you understand what i'm thinking?



May 6, 2006
Oh girl...25 bags? You're a LAMB goddess!

I don't know if I can be much help. I've loved L.A.M.B. for around 3 years but just started truly collecting about 6 months ago. I beat myself up constantly for passing up gorgeous bags that I saw at the outlets that I would love to have now.:crybaby: So now, I'm having a blast buying lots of bags back that I want along with adding new ones. I'm not too far behind you in my total actually...:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

Anyway, I don't think you should think about giving up bags just because you hear of others who really want them. You obviously wanted them too or you wouldn't have bought them. Maybe just consider parting with ones you know you just have no need for?

Of do you have multiples of certain styles? Minus the Mandevilles of course. If you do, maybe keep one favorite from each style and sell the rest. That way if you need a clutch for a special occasion, you've got one. Or if you need a big work tote, you've got one. But you're not selling too many...just a select few.

Bottom line, you're a collector Diana. Just like a lot of us. I never worry about having more bags than I usually carry. Other than watches, collecting handbags is really my only indulgence. So I see nothing wrong with having 25, 30, heck...a 100 handbags! I dream of having a collection like that!

I know others will chime in with their thoughts too. So hang in there sweetie. We'll help you through this situation. :hugs:


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Jul 31, 2009
Cheryl24 you are my TPF Goddess. Thank you for your help.

I was going to part with some bags I have NOT even thought about in the past year. Just to be sure I pulled one out today and wore it to work and started a bidding and trading frenzy with my co-workers. Each potential new owner got to carry the Deco cross body in black around for one hour each. It was great to see the excitement it caused. I started to think why am I NOT in LOVE? I was once. I already ordered a replacement, the Arcot in both black and white and the pink and black.

I HAVE an addiction!!! and I guess its okay =?

Im off tomorrow and I think I will lay them ALL out, take some pictures and give a long hard moment of thought.

I also did a pre-sale on the leather hobo in grey from the Nordies Anniversary Sale. So im thinking if I PURGE then its okay to get more....

I'll keep you posted...

I collect Pez dispensers, everything Wonder Woman, Nike Air Rifts and our FAVORITE, L.A.M.B. 4's things is NOT too bad, right...LOL

100 + L.A.M.B bags would be a STORE ;)


May 6, 2006
^^I just love ya...your posts make me laugh! The visual of your co-workers wearing your bag around the workplace for an hour each cracks me up! :lol::lol:

I like your plan of laying everything out and taking pics. I bet that will help your decision a lot.

I totally get your question of why you aren't in love with certain bags when you used to be. I get that feeling with other bags too. There are some I never thought I would sell. But once I did, I found I don't even remember them much if at all. There's the occasional one or two that I regret selling. But I just believe if I want it bad enough again, I'll hunt another one down.

Good luck with your decision sweetie!! Keep us posted on how it goes!

P.S. While you're taking those pictures....can you post in the collection thread too? I mean, if you're going through all the trouble...why not give us more eye-candy? :graucho:;)


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Jul 31, 2009
NO REGRETS!!! I couldn't bear longing for something that was once in my possession. Maybe thats a big girl pill I should experience or lean to swallow.

I will keep you posted. And I will definitely post a photo in the collection thread...and you will probably have to go in and make it bigger...because, well, thats just how we do ;)

Until then, here is the list I use as a reference when collecting and shopping.

Carlisle Clutch

Devon Tote

Silver Saddle

Ombre Rasta
Carlisle clutch
Zip Wallet

Black and White Checkerboard
Zip Wallet



Music Collection
Grey Clutch

Neal Cross body

Chain Plaid
Cross body

Key chain

(black artsy)
Key chain

Cosmetic Clutch

African Argyle
SAMPLE Cosmetic Clutch

Day Glo
Zip Pouch

Neon Green Pat
SAMPLE wallet

Cross Body

FALL 2010



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Jan 15, 2008
I have 30 L.A.M.B. items (bags & accessories) (I keep a list & count at all times :smile:) and there are still a few items that I'll pick up for the right price. Only you know how many items is too much for you. My only advice is make sure you really are over the bag. I've seen a few ladies here miss a bag they sell and re-buy it later. Because of that, I've never sold a L.A.M.B. I'd almost rather store them and not use them if I have the room, rather than sell it and regret it.


May 6, 2006
That list Diana!!!! :faint::faint: I can't wait to see your pics!

RaeBelle - that's great advice you gave! You need to take updated pics too, LOL. I'm happy to hear you still plan to buy more. I've been worried we were losing some of our long-time Lambies.:-s


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Sep 23, 2007
I at one time had 30 bags, and several accessories. I have cut back a lot since that time though. No room, No love, etc...

I don't think there should be a number as to "how much is to much". I think it is up to the individual. I would never nag about someone having to many bags, or make rude comments about it. But I know people who do that. To each their own. If you want it, get it!

I'm guilty of letting a beloved l.a.m.b or 2 go and then crying over it later. I do agree about making sure you are ready to say goodbye before you do it. It's a hard lesson to learn sometimes. ;)


Dec 23, 2005
Only you know how many items is too much for you. My only advice is make sure you really are over the bag. I've seen a few ladies here miss a bag they sell and re-buy it later. Because of that, I've never sold a L.A.M.B. I'd almost rather store them and not use them if I have the room, rather than sell it and regret it.

I couldn't agree with you more!!! I learned the hard way. I had so many True-O.G. L.A.M.B.s (LeSportsac collab) and they were my babies...I foolishly sold them only to hunt them down again years later and rebuild my collection again basically from scratch (thank god there were still a few that I wisely held on to!!), even though I don't even use most of them--just keep them around for sentimental value and the awesome memories. My collection will probably not stop growing especially since I'm now expanding the family with the current L.A.M.B. Bags... Freestyle and beyond!! :heart:


Jun 14, 2007
Hi my name is Yvonne and I'm a LAMB bag hoarder. :graucho:

I have an inventory on an excel sheet (sick, I know) and as of now, I have 29 bags, 7 wallets, and 4 coin-pouches. My collection has changed since I last posted pictures, and there are bags I would never get rid of, even though I don't use them as often as I should.

I think my collection is varied and functional - I have satchels, totes, clutches, and shoulder bags. Mostly signature, but some great leather pieces as well. I do regret letting go of some bags, but others had to go because they just didn't work out for me.

Honestly - most people will think "what the heck do you need that many bags for?". It's not about a number, it's about a lifestyle and having a choice of bags that are unique, stylish, and will turn heads. That's what I love about the originality of LAMB. There's nothing else like them. They don't look like other lines. The prints are unique to LAMB (I'm talking classic signature prints)

I say keep what you have and love them. But of course, if you ever lose your mind and decide that the Devon has to go --- I'm your gal!! ;)


Dec 2, 2009
Hi my name is Barbie, and I am addicted to L.A.M.B. bags. I've been collecting since the first season of LeSportsac, and the first season of lux. It's like a sickness that I can't control! I too have an excel spreadsheet, that I've recently categorized into LOVE, LIKE, and SELL, in attempts to get things under control. Right now my count is 46 lux bags, 5 LeSportsac bags, and 9 lux wallets... and that's my count *after* selling off a handful of them recently. I have no place let to put any new bags. Right now I'm shopping for a new place, and am looking for a place with an extra bedroom that I can turn into a massive walk-in closet, mainly so I'll have someplace to put all of my bags.

It's kind of twisted that I'll look around at all my bags deciding which ones I could part with, and I feel like I don't have *that* many -- maybe it's because their spread out in a way that my mind is playing tricks on me. My excel sheet kind of puts things back into perspective. By best friend and family is always telling me that I'm out of control... I'm surprised they haven't staged an intervention. I seriously envy normal people who only have, maybe five bags to choose from everyday and are perfectly satisfied - I would have a lot more money put away, and people wouldn't think I was crazy. But sadly for my wallet, I don't think I can ever be one of those people.

Right now, I'm limiting myself to only giving into bags that I absolutely LOVE and have been lusting after for a long time (there are a few on my list). I just got my green Saxon tote in the mail yesterday, and I think I may be done for a while... although, I know I'm going to *need* the lace print Williamsfield when it comes out at the end of the month. I think I'll have to part way with a few more bags to make up for it.

So... know that you are not alone in your addiction! If you love something, it's ok to give into the urge. Like Yvonne, I love how each bag has a unique style, and I love having the variety of options everyday. Us lambies are a unique breed, so while we may feel out of control at times, in the back of our minds we should always embrace it!

VIVA LA L.A.M.B! :party:


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Jul 31, 2009
Hello RaeBelle, lambiepie, brian, yvalenz and xoxoBarbieQ. Thank you ALL for responding. You are helping me make sense of my crazy.

Cheryl24 - Glad I entertain you. Im silly =) Thank you for your comments. As per your request I posted pictures in the collections thread. Laying them all out made me fall back in love with a bag or two but MORE with the collection as a whole. I just love having the options. I dont think im going to chance it just yet. Ill hold on for a month or two more and then revisit the collection. I think the 3 NEW addition might outshine a bag or two. So when they come we shall see.

I honestly dont think you guys are losing members. I see L.A.M.B. bags in jersey often. I think people dont know about this forum. I didnt until I did a google search on something and TPF came up. I was like WHAT a family of people that adore L.A.M.B. Wowzers and YEAH.

Im honored to be here.

RaeBelle - OVER a LAMB Bag....thats a tough call. Its just some have not been used in over a year. So im thinking why hang on. But maybe I should just cause I can. NO REGRETS!!!

lambiepie - Maybe ill do a test....let one go that is my least favorite and something I have not touched in over a year. If I cry or start to miss it, Ill know that my feelings would only be worse if its a bag I adore.

brian - The thought of starting from scratch is what really scares me. What if I cant find it. What if I have to pay way more then what I first payed. Youve been there and I want to learn from the life lesson you guys know. Thank you. Freestyle Leopard is coming =)

yvalenz - First, the trick I learned from you regarding wax paper and a zipper is priceless. You saved my Leopard Mandeville I got for $75 and I kind of worship you. I would NEVER be able to THANK YOU enough. You are the REHAB GURU.

I got the Devon from ebay and I swear it came from someone here cause it was enclosed with a handwritten card and was in great condition. I promise you will be the first to know if I let her go. She was the second LAMB bag I got and I wanted her sooooo bad. Unfortunately, she is one of my babies that I never carry. (shhhhh, now that I have a leopard Mandeville, she might not ever get love =(.) Im a horrible handbag momma.

I love my friends that are like why do you have so many bags BUT then want to borrow one. I need to be brave like you and just say it...I too am a L.A.M.B. bag hoarder. Lets all stand together strong and be proud =). I guess that essentially is why we are all here!

xoxoBarbieQ - Love the separation of love, like and sell. Great idea. I missed out on the LeSportsac, so im SUPER excited about the Freestyle collection.

Wow a collection so big it needs its own bedroom is amazing. Hello company, youll be staying in the L.A.M.B. Lounge for the evening...please no touching, eating or drinking around the handbags PLEASE. Love it!!!

I have tons to think about. I will take it slow and make the right decision for me. Im in no rush, so I can take my time. I dont think people will fall out of love with L.A.M.B. So If I dont purge now, there is always later.

Glad I am NOT alone. My friends and family dont get it, but you guys do and thats all i really needed.

Thank you.

Take a new pictures when the new bags get here.


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