How Many is Too Many?????

  1. Is there such a thing as too many b-bags? In one season? I feel a serious F06 "problem" coming on...

    Have engine red twiggy, truffle city... :yes:
    Will soon be inspecting...truffle hobo/day and grenat hobo/day... :shame:
    On the list engine city (in two places!) :blink:
    Thinking about...grenat city, black part-time...sapin... :shocked:

    I swear...I am really more of a bag user than a bag collector...and...
    some of you know I have a bit of a JC Ramona stash as well...

    Fellow b-bag addicts/OCD gals please stand up...I am not sure if I need support or a kick in the :censor: ...

    Another SoCal confession... :shame:
  2. yup, it's too many so you have to send some to me:P :P

    Just kidding. If you love them and you use them, you can never have too many!!!
  3. I dont think you can ever have too many Bbags. If the wallet allowed, I would have one in every color. Well almost every color. Sounds to me like your collection is just BEAUTIFUL!!
  4. I love bbags! That's where most of my color bags come from since they have great colors. I only have 4 (city, classique, twiggy, day), but I want a blue grey parttime or purse. I'm trying to do one bag for each season with balenciaga.
  5. lol, i've been asking myself the same "?" & wish i knew the answer :Push:
  6. You sound sooo disciplined! I admire your restraint! I am much more "compulsive" with fall/winter than with spring/summer. We each seem to have our dominant "season" for purchase preferences...
  7. I don't think it's too many. There are so many styles and colors of BBags to choose from, it is hard to get just one (or two, three.....). I tend to like fall colors more (even in clothing colors) and that combined wih the fact that the leather seems a bit better combines into 'more Bbags'. If you love them and enjoy them then go for it!
  8. I'm not sure I can answer that question. Every season I say which two colors I will buy and proceed to disregard my own restrictions. I am truly a Bbag junkie. Now that they have different styles as well as beautiful colors:shocked: Pre-collection, then collection... my mind spins now. There are some colors that I just don't care for but those are few and far between. So I am back where I started - I don't know but I haven't reached it yet.
  9. Hard to say. I think it depends upon financial strain and storage space more than it does on redundancy of style--between the different styles and colors, the possibilities are for a LOT of b'bags.
  10. If you love them and use them, then you know you don't have too many! I can certainly relate to being unable to resist buying a high quantity in a small amount of time. However, when I do this, I usually end up selling something to compensate. If you can afford this number of bags at once, I say go for it :biggrin:
  11. Hmmmm ... [GULP] :angel: ... yeah ... [GULP] :shocked: ... I just keep on telling myself that it's better than being addicted to some other things ...

    Meanwhile ... I think I need this T-Shirt (with some additions of course - e.g., the handbags should be B-Bags :lol: !)
    cjl - shopper beware.jpg
  12. i'll let you know when i find out!

    (and sorry to be an enabler but sounds like a great collection)!
  13. I think it's only too many when you don't use them all. If you love them and use them, then it's okay. Also it depends on your wallet. I know that some people have discussed buying bags on a CC, I admit to having done it myself, as long as it's not getting us in financial trouble, again, I think it's okay.

    I wish you well,

  14. PLEASE don't make me answer that.:smile: I tell myself that it's the colors........ no one else does color in quite the same nuanced way. But it's really just that they're addicting.

    At this point, I think drugs would be way cheaper.......:blink: :blink: (just kidding......I think......)

    Sorry - I know I'm not helping - someone else will have to help you - I'll just talk you into more!
  15. I must say that I don't have any "repeats" with the exception of the Apple Green (where I have the Mini Classique and the First -- I REALLY wanted a larger-sized Apple Green). Other than that, while the majority of my b-bags are the City size, they are in all different colors (and I DO prefer colors - not Black!). I do get a LOT of use out of my Weekenders and I typically pack a smaller-sized bag in my luggage to use at night or during the day. I love the fact that I can just slip them into my luggage as they don't take up too much room, and they are very lightweight. While I love the style of the Chloe bags, they are really too bulky for me ... and WAY too heavy when I fill them with all my junk. They will be seeing the light of an auction soon ...
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