How many is TOO many?

  1. Okay I have about 15 Coach bags...all that I use because I change alot but I can't seem to stop buying them. My boyfriend hates that I have this addiction but I can't help it. Everytime a new style comes out I have to have it. Some bags I have multiple in different colors. I think I need to join CAA (Coach Addicts Anonymous)..How many bags do you have and do you think there is a limit to satisfying your addiction? Better I love Coach rather than drugs or drinking right? More expensive though....hmph
  2. There can never be too many Coach bags in your closet! I feel as long as I can pay the bills and no one is going hungry then go for it! It doesn't hurt to buy a bag. I think I have 19 and I just can't get enough of them I don't think I will ever stop loving and buy Coach.
  3. I have 16 including the bridget I just bought from JAX! I think I am too many for my lifestyle but I just cant figgen stop buying them!!!

    I am going to sell a few on eBay, I promised DH I would... I just can't figure out which ones to sell :shrugs:
  4. Never too many.......but enough talk lets see those bags girls!!! Pics, pics, pics!!!:woohoo:
  5. You are asking the wrong group of people here. I could never have enough. :p
  6. I wondered the same thing today since I just bought my fourth bag. I am glad that there is no such thing as TOO many.

    Will my kids starve or go without cause I bought a coach bag? NEVER!!! My kids always come first. However, I will go without that new appliance or new outfit to buy myself one!!! :love:
  7. Here Here!:drinkup:
  8. Yikes, I have a ton, at least from my perspective...4 totes, a satchel, my sig stripe demi plus 6-7 wristlets.

    For me the kicker is whether I'm USING all of my bags. I rotate my bags daily. If some are just sitting there idle that means I need to offload them. I'm not one to buy a bag just to have it sitting pretty and's got to WORK, LOL!
  9. Nah, you can never have enough! LOL! OK, seriously, I try to stay at 10. I get overwhelmed when I have more than that. But with my lifestyle, I just can't use more than that. And more than that drives my dh nuts! LOL! But I think this habit is less costly than a drug habit! I mean, think of all the horrible things drugs do that can't be measured monetarily! Coach bags are way better to be addicted to!
  10. lol i only have 6 for now plus a wrislet and some charms, but thats only cuz i'm not in the money to get more yet (hahaha)
    i say as long as you are using all of them, and if you find ones that you're really wantinmg because you're going to use them alot, not just cuz they're the latest, than keep going! lol
    just don't break the bank!
  11. :tispy::drinkup::drinks: I'll drink to that too! :drinks: :drinkup::tispy:
  12. tooo...many????


    I least over 25 bags.

    (and let's not COUNT accessories...)


    I don't have children (yet), my bills get paid, and...well...better to buy bags than drugs, right?


    Yes I probably need to sell a few off...but you know, beyond taking up space in...umm..multiple closets in my harm, no foul.
  13. There's no such thing as too many bags!!
  14. I've been buying a lot less clothing and more bags so I guess it evens out!

    I just bought the Bleecker duffle and snuck the bag into the house so my husband wouldn't see. I guess it means I've got a problem...
  15. I figure it's only a problem when you have to go to 12 step meetings for your addiction! :roflmfao: