How many is too many ?

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  1. so how many bags is too many bags ?
    Do people buy bags every season ? Or just once a year ?
    Birthdays/Christmas etc ?
    This year I’ve got 2 bags and 1 purse for my birthday, really need another matching purse though and I’ve already chosen my Christmas bag present is this going too far , does anyone else get “buying guilt “
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  2. To me there is no such thing as too many as long you actually use your handbags. I rotate mine regularly. I have a small closet so mine are not on full display. To make it easier for me to track the rotation, I actually have a notebook to track the dates for each one..try not to laugh at my OCD :biggrin:
    Personally I buy one if it really catches my attention, I have a purpose for it, and preferably on sale or has a decent cashback rebate. I do some research with the majority of my handbags. I have some Louis Vuitton handbags and since they cost a lot, I do a lot more research and really take my time thinking about whether or not it's worth my money.
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