How many is too many, Will Coach banned me from coming back?

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  1. Hi, I feel stupid asking this but I am sad and also very stressed out about making a return at coach.:sad::sad:

    It started a few months ago:

    I got a minny skinny and a key fob at Coach during PCE without knowing they were at the outlet already. I took them back to the outlet got credit and put it towards a bleecker.

    I never used the bleecker, too small and it stayed in my closet for about 6 months. I took the bleecker back to the outlet along with a wristlet I got as a present, I got credit and put it towards a patent pond ergo.

    After I read a thread about patent leather I decided I didnt want to go through all the peeling troubles. So I took it back along with my patent hamptons capacity wristlet. Used the credit to buy a black leather madeline.

    I also made once a return of a pair of the multicolor sneakers, I changed my mind but those I took back to the boutique. (Did not have the receipt but they said it was ok, since they knew I was there a couple of weeks before)

    Everytime I made a return I had my receipt with me and the item was brand new, with its original tag attached and wrapped in coach paper sitting in a coach shopping bag for a few months and they always told me there it didnt matter when you bough it as long as it was totally unused. I also ended up paying a little bit more and more everytime I wanted to return something. I'd walk into the store with the intention of returning the item and keeping the credit for later and every time I ended up exchanging not returning because I felt obligated to buy something right then since the SA were way too nice to me.

    Now, I do like my Madeline but I want to return it and get some credit, save it and use it later for something I REALLY want. Put this credit towards a more expensive purse I want instead of having more cheap ones.

    I feel like I will be banned from coach from making so many returns. The question is how many is too many?

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE :flowers:
  2. My SA told me that they don't track returns.

    Whenever I have returned something (with the receipt) I only do an exchange anyway so I end up spending more (a lot more) than I did with the original sale (just like you).

    I have learned my lesson. I don't buy anything that I am not 100% sure that I want. When I am tempted to buy a new bag, I try to picture myself wearing it. If I can't, then I don't buy it.

    With all of that said, if you buy something in a full price boutique and you visit an outlet with the same item discounted, ABSOLUTELY exchange it. You should get the best deal possible.:yes:
  3. I am also a finicky buyer. Sometimes I do my research and think thru my purchases and other times I am impulsive. Almost all of my impulse buys I end up returning. I have the same story. Bought this bag, didn't "love" it decided to return for credit. Got a wallet, ended up not having anything to match it, returned it, and so on. I am starting to get better but I think sometimes it just happens. I think it's very easy to do with Coach because they have so many lovely things and sometimes you can get up in a sale or other hype and get carried away in the moment. I too have had guilty feelings about multiple returns but the way I see it is that I spend a LOT of money on their product. If I am returning something in the exact same form/condition it left their store in, they should have no reason to not honor the return or exchange. Anything that you are splurging on out of "want" (and not necessity) you should feel 100% confident that you love your purchase and made the right choice. If you don't, you won't feel good until you have corrected it.
    I feel that as a consumer often we are taken advantage of (perfect example is retail bag prices these days) and that we have to watch for specials/sales and get the most for our money.
  4. I think they would pay more attention to the ones who return without receipts many i'm sure you're fine.
  5. as long as there is a receipt or was when the process started then there is no problem...i was told they only track if it's without a receipt. hth
  6. :yes: That is correct as far as I have heard. Don't worry.
  7. That's me, but a little less. I just got a L.A.M.B. hobo that was on Nordie's anniv. sale for 40% off. It's a beautiful bag and they ordered it and it came all wrapped up, perfect. But after trying it with my stuff in's just not me. So, back it goes. Too bad, so sad, if I have my receipt and all the tags are still on, they had better refund me! I am entitled to change my mind and so are you!
  8. Ok, I feel so much better now. I mean is not like I use the bag and then return it. I just happen that I can decide sometimes and like you said sometimes we get carried away with so many products they have. I will go next week and return the bag and get a gift card and save it just in case the Sabrina ever hits the stores :yes:
  9. I've made a bunch of returns over the years - always w/ my receipt and totally unused of course, and have never had an issue. A lot of times I end up returning because the Coach store nearest me is small and I end up ordering bags without seeing IRL and they just don't work out.
  10. I wouldn't worry because you have a receipt.
  11. Sounds like you need to do some major research before buying your next bag. Seems like you have buyers remorse a lot.
  12. I doubt they would mind how many returns you make if theyre unused like you said, the main issue is if you are feeling guilty for buying bags you dont really want. Maybe they were impulse buys?? I think its true what you mentioned about the SAs - they are usually very willing to help you out and can sometimes get you to buy things you arent 100% sure about - so maybe next time you go into Coach and they offer to help just say youre browsing & try to make a decision without their input. :S
  13. LOL, I have been thinking the same thing. Sometimes I buy stuff for friends to see if they like it and they decide they don't like it, and I didn't want it, so I end up returning.... Sometimes it's just 1-2 items from a receipt and small things, but sometimes, it would be a larger item.. I always feel bad :sad:
  14. Buyers remorse? well I dont feel guilty for buying the bags or spending the money, I explained the reason for every return I made.

    1. Item cheaper at outlet.
    2. Bag too small.
    3.The threads on tPF and pictures of peeling patent leather bags turned me off.
    4. Change my mind.
    5. I want something else.

    I was going to keep the Madeline but there was just a thread about the madelines and how they loose their shape after a while. Now, I am convinced I need to return it and get something laler on. I just need to find something I really LOVE.

    I am pretty good when it comes to sales or persuasive SA at the stores, but those damn Coach SA are way to nice :rolleyes: Lol.

    I even told my DH when I got the madeline, this is my last return because I though I liked it a lot, I still do but I am sure I can find something I'd like more like a new Lindsay or Sabrina :graucho:
  15. I am trying to work on this, I am getting good at it, especially when it comes to shoes or clothing sales. I hate buying something on sale that just sits in the closet forever, I have not done it in a while :tup:

    Or my mom that gets stuff dont fit and says, I'll loose weight and she never does :roflmfao: