How many is too many keepalls?

  1. I have 3 so far....but I want to buy a damier 55 and an azur this obsession bad? lol...I noticed some of you guys have like many many many speedys.
  2. well if you travel that often then I don't think is too much
    too many speedys is easier because they can be every day used
    for me one keepall would be enough
  3. I have 2 keepalls and they very rarely get used! I want to buy a damier 50, an Azur 50, Tobago in all 3 colors I like, White MC one, and a both miroirs, lol it will NEVER happen! I want them as part of my collection and if I use them then I use them... but its just so MUCH $ to let sit :sad: esp. the Tob, MC and Miroirs
  4. Big bag obsession is very dangerous, just ask

    Currently I have 3 keepalls:
    a mono 50 (on loan to my son @ college)
    45 cerise
    45 MC, white

    and I want a damier and would love a I drool over the tobago keepall...but have been pretty good keeping my 'big bag ban'.

    Plus numerous other big bags/ totes...but I am getting better, I recently 'let go' of 4.

    Just a is a slippery
  5. I know ITS REALLY HARD TO STOP! I got a Carryall for XMAS, now I an going to be gettnig ANOTHER ONE one month later! And then an azur keepall and a ebene damier keepall! NOT GOOD! :push:
  6. I didn't know that there was such a thing as too many LVs.

  7. I like them but only have one because I don't travel yeah if you travel a lot it's fine but otherwise they would just sit, right?
  8. if you use a Keepall as an everyday bag i think it is a great idea to have a Keepall collection. i would if i did :yes:
  9. oh I forgot to add a nomade keepall lol

    if only I had use for these damn bags! I would have them!
  10. I think one or two carried bags (keepall or carryall) is enough, and then you should start investing in wheeled luggage. If you have a long trip, you need bags to carry, but you also need luggage that can roll. You don't want to carry 4 full keepalls through the airport, it would ruin your shoulders, lol.
  11. ^
    ANd you'll look like a donkey!
  12. I guess it depends on what you need/use them for. I have a Keepall 45 (MC), but the next thing I buy will be a Keepall 50 Damier. I need just that extra bit of room.
  13. hehe :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Well I have one keepall in mono & that really is enough for me, I wouldn't use any more!

  15. yup!! :roflmfao: