How many is enough???

  1. Time for a new thought pondering question - will we ever have enough? Be satisfied?? I have a lovely collection and am thrilled (I did it fast because I need to be done NOW!) However....I feel that "just one more" feeling (I really always have with purses/shoes, etc.) bugs me to see stars carrying new bags every day....yet I keep wanting more myself! the problem I have is the colors are so gorgeous...I don't know....I hope to satisfy my cravings with smaller between looking for new bags - I also used to be quite good at selling a bag to purchase...but I'm not seeing that in the case of these gorgeous bags!! So maybe I need to talk myself to a do you girls do it?? Thanks for reading my mindless thoughts:blink:
  2. *Countless*

    *Unlimited wants*
  3. My boyfriend has a theory about it. Once you have your dream bag, you are already thinking about the next you'll need and are never satisfied. AND HE'S RIGHT: the minute I have THE bag I was lloking for, or even the minute I order it online and am sure it is mine, my brain scans the styles/color I do not have yet.

    Reasonably speaking, I guess about 20 bags is moooore than enough. It allows you to cover all colors, sizes, leather and styles. Some girls will says 5 is enough. Some will say one is all they need (provided it's a black matte croc Birkin, the bare necessities LOL)... And Some will feel like 100 is not enough.

    I seriously try to use all my bags and I find it helps reducing my craves for new styles! On the other hand, they are such beautiful items that I know the cravings are back very quickly. :love:
  4. WELL! (as I rub my hands together) here's what I've been up to lately, Shoes......(seems like we're in the same boat).....Mizz Kelly arrived last month along with a beautiful scarf, another scarf and bracelet was purchased shortly after, I spotted and snapped up the Lilac Agenda quicker than you can blink an eye, a belt and Plisse were next, black Box Bolide is on its way AS WELL AS Madame Kelly who will be the matriarch of the family. What's on the horizon? A 28cm souple Kelly AND a 35cm Rouge H Birkin!!!!!

    Will I be done then? I doubt it!!!!!!

    The biggest problem is that I've sold off most of my other bags except a few that my Mother left me and three Chanels that are timelss so there's nothing left to parlay for more H bags AND I don't want to sell those! Some of which I don't even HAVE yet!!!! :blink:

    The most I can hope for is to slow down a little.....:shame: I'm hopelessly addicted......:flowers:
  5. Did you find the rouge h birkin yet? Did you see that link I gave you???!!!
  6. =x
  7. I HAD slowed down, before finding this PF,I bought my rouge H Bolide last August after 9 yrs since my last H bag...Now, after the Bolide, I bought the croc Pullman, the Massai and the green Kelly, and I'm listed for a brown Birkin and a brown Kelly, and I'm trying to special order a Thalassa Birkin...theoretically, once you've got the basics, one should slow down and maybe get one bag a year, say, if a new color or style come out...but I did say THEORETICALLY...;)
  8. I did see it but I was hoping for a different leather...togo I hear is kinda heavy in a Birkin, no?
  9. Okay Ot, you've always been very quiet about your collection (and I know I've purchased a few!!) but is that how many are on your shelf?? So I have a few more to go....yeah!! Before this "bug" hit me, I was trying to limit it to 10-12 bags (a couple are kind of seasonal) I do think that's a good number...
  10. You're right, Duna. It's the PF that does it to us. I mean, did I REALLY need a 40-year old toile/box combo Kelly that I won't use all the time???????? nooooooo. But I snapped that baby up faster than lightening! God knows what'll happen if someone doesn't buy that beautiful brown Croc Kelly they've got right away.....I've got to stay away from that LZ site.....
  11. wow that is a tough one. i know women happy with just one black birkin and i know another good friend of mine having over 70 and still is ordering new ones.
    i think it is a decision anybody has to figure out by herself but generally for me i would say as long as i don´t go into debt or cutting on really essential parts in my life just to get my bags i am fine with buying/collecting whatever i want. :flowers:

  12. NOPE. :biggrin:
  13. nathansgirl...good're probably right!
  14. Just buy what you love and everything else will fall into place. Always check the bank account.
  15. Great advise rochasgirl!!! IMO, once you notice that you just can't wear all of the bags you own, then its probably time to stop or sell some of them for new ones. I am exactly the same way though- as soon as I get what I want, my eyes are already on teh next purchase. Its out of control sometimes. But, there are more important things in life and sometimes you just need to refocus your attention to ease that hunger. But as long as you live within your means, buy what you love! And enjoy what you own!