How many is enough? What is your H number


Jan 3, 2008
out of my suitcase
I would like to add:

- 1 K28 or K25 for dressy occasions or traveli
- 1 b25 in noir
- 1 b30 in craie or beton

I already have enough in my handbag collection to last all the outfits I could wear, but the last 3 have been on my mind for a few years.


Feb 3, 2011
I am down to three.
Birkin 30 gold/gold hdw
Birkin 30 noir/gold hdw
Evelyne 29 gold/gold hdw
I have either sold or given to my daughters. At this point in my life I am very happy with my 3 H bags. However, I might consider a Kelly wallet to go in the future.


Feb 6, 2019
I was actually discussing this with my friend the other day - a complete H collection, in her opinion should include these bags:
2 Birkin's
1 Kelly
1 Kellycut or Kelly Pochette
1/2 Constance's
a woman doesn't need more she thinks - but what do I think? Setting a number for me doesn't work, I admire those who are firm and don't exceed a max amount, but I'm more a gut person.. all I know for now, is that I haven't been feeling that kick to get another one lately.

I have to this day, 7 Birkin's, 2 Constance's, 1 Evelyne and some other designer bags. I love and cherish them all (I also gave them nicknames) - but if I have to tell you all the truth, my bags have been sitting in the shelves and getting dust for quite some time now.. sure, we're still battling this pandemic, and only God knows when we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do wish for one Kelly sillier - I can't help but wonder though: do I really need another one?
>"but I'm more a gut person.. all I know for now, is that I haven't been feeling that kick to get another one lately."

yes to this! This happened to me with Chanel awhile back, I just have the right bags and I haven't craved anything new in years! I'm still waiting for this to happen with H though, I think my last will be a bright k25, hopefully bleu hydra.


Apr 21, 2019
Currently have
1. B30 gold phw
2. B25 black phw

3. K25 sellier in gold/ chai/ beige de weimar ghw
4. Kelly pochette or B25 sellier in craie/ nata/ beton ghw
5. K25 retourne or C18 in shades of grey. K25 in ghw. C18 in rghw or phw.

So 3 more to go..
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Aug 28, 2021
Great thread!
How many H bags is enough?-I thought years ago one would be the answer. Just one perfect black B35. For several years i had only the black B35, along with a hefty chanel collection. I used my bag for work, travel, vacations, and everything in between.
Consequently my H leather collection has grown. Now different bags have different roles. I have birkins in multiple colors in 30 and 35 sizing (I do not like smaller).
Last month I added another B in black recently and on that day- I thought to myself “we are done”.
However, I realize much as I did with chanel, that I enjoy having a new bag. I am not in a completion To have 4 bags a month, but I work very hard and I like treating myself to nice things — as simple as a scarf or as joyful as a leather H bag.
I have rambled, in sum it doesn’t end, it just tapers down and you become more selective in curating your collection. Happy day all!


May 14, 2022
For me it's not a number but the range of styles and colours that suit my four season lifestyle. I am realizing I've overdone it some areas and have holes in others but since I am too scared to sell an H bag, I will just be more careful about future acquisitions.
Agree it’s not the number for me either. It’s about what suits me and my lifestyle and versatility. I’d like to add a few more Kellys in different colors and leathers and a Constance but that’s it.