How many is enough? What is your H number


Nov 1, 2008
I've been thinking about this a lot, since my SA that I've worked with for several years is no longer at the store and I feel like I am "starting over" by working with someone new (I am quite the introvert and small talk gives me anxiety).

I think my ideal collection at this moment would be as follows:

K25 Sellier in a neutral (Received this last year Gold with GHW!)
B30 in a dark non-brown/beige neutral for everyday use
B25 in a light pastel or cream color
Mini Kelly in any color
Evelyne TPM in a fun color
Maybe a B35 for travel etc?

Considering I only have one of the above bags, this will likely take years, if ever finished so to speak. I'm hoping I can get the Evelyne soonish at least.
I had a Picotin, but my mom loved it so much that I haven't asked for it back. I am glad she is enjoying it. I have several Chanel bags, some LV I use as daily workhorse bags, but I've let go of my bags from other brands such as YSL and Prada over the years.


Sep 12, 2010
I’m reaching my number of “enough” with

Birkin 30, etoupe
Kelly 28, etoupe
Kelly 28, noir
Lindy 30, gold (everyday workhorse)
Picotin 18, cafè
Picotin 18, orange
Picotin 18, rose azalee (summer)
Picotin 18, lime (spring/summer).

This collection is perfect for me.

I have been waiting for years for a B25 in gold, and might want a Mini Kelly in the future, but honestly think I’m content by then.

A collection of 10 is more than enough. My inner minimalist would dream about having just one bag that works for every occasion…
I went a bit overboard during the pandemic with luxury handbags, but keeping it just to H, and being realistic about my budget and lifestyle, probably 3. Lindy 30, GP 36 and Bolide 31. I own all of these, although I'm strongly considering selling the Bolide and re-buying in a different leather and color. I could also probably live without a Garden Party, but you really can't argue with the usefulness of a tote bag, lol.