How many is enough? What is your H number


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Apr 3, 2021
Hello girls,
I was talking to a few friends the other day and they were saying that they could never afford a Hermes bag...... I advised pre-owned and said where there is a will there is a way.

It got me thinking.....
Years ago, it was incredible to own just 1 Hermes bag....... Not necessarily a B or K but any Hermes bag.
Today in the Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp world we see influencers with big collections......
Owning a Birkin is now not enough..... it needs to be 25 or 30, a cool color and a special leather.
This is fantasy for many people.......
This is not a consumerist competition.......

I ask the question.... How many Hermes bags is enough ? When do you feel full ?
What is your Hermes number for happiness and contentment?

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Mar 29, 2008
While I do not have a specific number in mind, I do have strong gut feelings. For example, once I received my 4th Kelly, I knew right then and there my Kelly collection was complete. There are only 3 B bags left (all B30) on my wish list, *maybe* also a B25. If and when all three of these are received, I likely will be complete. Still very interested in other H items though (scarves, tableware, home decor, shoes, etc.)


Feb 23, 2021
For Bs and Ks I think I'll be more than satisfied with 2-3 because of size, color, and leather variations I'd like. For me these are functional and classic workhorse bags, not cute accessories, so I don't want every variation. Now Constances are another story. Because they are a bit more casual I would take every color if I could!!
Jan 15, 2011
How many Hermes bags is enough ? When do you feel full ?
What is your Hermes number for happiness and contentment?

Zero. Bags don't make me feel full and I don't need them for happiness and contentment. If I want a beautiful, handcrafted object, one is probably plenty. Obviously I have way more than that, and I enjoy them a lot, and am totally satisfied.

From a practical bag collection standpoint I could probably cut down to 1-2 each of B35, B30, K28, K25, GP and Evie TPM - a black/dark neutral and then a gold or a color of each - anything more is just for fun. But I'm well aware that is a dream collection in the real world.

People pay too much attention to Instagram showoffs IMO. It creates a consumer culture that's not really healthy.


Oct 30, 2014
I was actually discussing this with my friend the other day - a complete H collection, in her opinion should include these bags:
2 Birkin's
1 Kelly
1 Kellycut or Kelly Pochette
1/2 Constance's
a woman doesn't need more she thinks - but what do I think? Setting a number for me doesn't work, I admire those who are firm and don't exceed a max amount, but I'm more a gut person.. all I know for now, is that I haven't been feeling that kick to get another one lately.

I have to this day, 7 Birkin's, 2 Constance's, 1 Evelyne and some other designer bags. I love and cherish them all (I also gave them nicknames) - but if I have to tell you all the truth, my bags have been sitting in the shelves and getting dust for quite some time now.. sure, we're still battling this pandemic, and only God knows when we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do wish for one Kelly sillier - I can't help but wonder though: do I really need another one?


Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
For me, I don’t have a magic number, but I like to have certain categories covered:

Dressy occasions

That’s 4 bags and an everyday could also be a crossbody or a tote so I guess I could do with 3 bags minimum. I have a lot more than 3 bags in my collection, though.
I’m not concerned about “obtaining” more, but will add bags if the need/desire arises.
Aug 22, 2018
Firstly, great topic :smile: - Your question definitely got me thinking...
I don't have a magic number but I don't like owning more than 1 bag in the same color/family (black, blue, white, grey, pink, purple, green) since i wear very neutral clothes and my bags tend to add the pop.

For Hermes, I like very specific colors & sizes so I'm selective about adding something that truly rounds my collection rather than hoarding bags (I've been guilty of this in my 20s lol)