How many Inboxes are in your life?

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  1. Emails, alerts, notifications flying everywhere - oh my!

    I just counted and I have...7! Granted, some are busier than others, but WOW:

    - Primary home email
    - Hotmail (for online purchasing, not caring if it gets spammed, etc)
    - Primary work email
    - Work email with my current client (I have an email account with that company too, long story)
    - Facebook
    - LinkedIn
    - tPF PMs

    How about you? :graucho:
  2. I have:

    -home email
    -work email
    -tPF PMs
  3. Great question!

    We have...

    -primary family email
    -two kids who each have their own email
    -DH's personal email
    -my personal email
    -our business email
    -my Gmail for online shopping and getting coupons from businesses I frequent.

  4. I have 6: tPF, Facebook, school email, gmail (for personal use), hotmail (for junk), yahoo.
  5. 5
    My Hot mail account - all bills and personal email go here
    My Yahoo account - all junk mail goes here and shopiing emial go here
    My other Yahoo account - this one is for my jewelry business
    My work email - not much fun goes here just junk for work
    My G-Mail one I am not sure what goes here maybe I should find out :Push:
  6. I have...
    -E-mail for selling stuff online
    -Primary e-mail
    -School e-mail
    -E-mail I use for my memberships to B&N, Borders, etc.
    -tPF PMs
  7. - Gmail.. EVERYTHING goes here!
    - Hotmail.. I never ever check it
    - Facebook
    - Myspace
    - tPF PMs
  8. I have 5
    1- school email account
    2- personal email @ gmail
    3- online shopping @ yahoo
    4- old personal email that is now full of spam
    5- networking email
  9. 1,2 gmail accounts
    3 aol account
    4 hotmail account that I rarely ever check
    5 bb email account
    6 Asmallworld inbox
    7 facebook inbox
    8 tpf inbox

    Total 8!
  10. 5! But 7 if you count my e-mail as 3

    1- work
    1- Gmail (but my college & old e-mail flood into that, so i will count that as 3)
    1- Facebook
    1- tpf
    1- aol email that i never ever check
  11. 17

    work - 5
    personal - 4
    tPF - 1
    FB - 1
    other forums/groups - 6

    and I check them all daily.
  12. 2 gmails, 1 school email account, facebook!

    Everything gets forwarded to my gmail and then I organize it using the gmail tabs system, which I love!
  13. I need to go count...
  14. Daily? That sounds labor intensive.
  15. 1. Home email- very few people have this one
    2. Work email
    3. Gmail- used for on line shopping & any time I need to give out my email to businesses
    4. tPF