How many in your "watch list?"

  1. O.K. how many Kooba bags are in your watch list---I have 17 right now and that seems like A LOT. But I know you guys can do better :smile:
  2. That would be eBay watch list
  3. My wish list is not big ... black, silver, purple Lucy; black Marcelle, black patent Arum, perhaps a Sophia or Layla, not sure of color yet, depending on pictures that come out and show more than Kooba website.
  4. Two.
  5. 100, so therefore I can't add any more. That means that it's quitting time!!

  6. LOL!!!! seriously, you make me crack up! I didn't even know you could have that many!
  7. You'll be there shortly... :smile:
  8. I'm up around the high 80s in watched items, but many of those aren't bags but other items I obsess on. I also tend to keep some Ended items for a while either for a style name or other reason.

    All told there are probably two dozen bags.

    I have maaannny saved searches as well, also not all bags.