How many id/passwords do you have?

  1. I realize with work, e-mail, different online sites I have a lot if different ID and or passwords that I have trouble keeping straight! I try to use similar ones, but cannot do that all the time. Just curious how many you all have?

    My list:
    Work e-mail
    Personal e-mail
    Job: 4 different ones for the computer systems(has to be changed every few months)
    Banking online
    Fraud Protection
    Credit cards(2)
    TPF :yes:
    Shopping sites(about 7?)

    Close to 20? Yikes, thank God I write them down in my agenda since I interchange them so much!
  2. Work email
    Two personal emails (same username just different @'s)
    online banking
    online bills (4)
    Online game
    Shopping sites (maybe 3)
    work logins = 4, passwords change on 2 of them frequently

    Plus i do all online CC management for my DH's accounts, so i have to remember those too

    I try and keep my passwords the same almost everywhere but work, usernames i have about three that i use everywhere.
  3. Hmm.. maybe a bit too much information. Hopefully nobody's looking. Never want to give out info like this even here, as safe as you feel. There are people that can see things that are not your friend. :yes:
  4. I'm so bad. I use two passwords. One is numbers and one is letters. I just can't remember too many.
  5. Too many to mention, it is a headache trying to keep up....
  6. Good point. I tried to be generic with my descriptions to be as non-specific as possible.
  7. This is not good. I have the same one for my email, myspace, online banking and TPF. And my pin # for my debit card is the same # for my voicemail.
  8. i use the same password for everything, i find that having numerous passwords gets a bit confusing.:shrugs:
  9. i don't use the same password for everything, but i have about 5 that i use for different sites. i have a specific password for all forums i'm active on, a different one for all e-mail accounts, a different one for banking/cc, another one for myspace/facebook/friendster/cyworld/blogging, and another for eBay/paypal.

    i kinda have it organized. i try to use the same username for forums/emails... it's usually this PF screen name, my first name, or my middle name spelled backwards or a variation of any of those.

    i guess i check most everything so often that i don't ever forget.
  10. I have an "official" password, one that's a pain in the ass, with like 16 letters and numbers, special characters and upper/lower case... that one I use for business/banking, one simple password that's for stuff like forums and other internet signups, and in many dumb cases I simply use "qwerty". Like on software downloads, or logins that I know I will never ever use again. :yes:

    P.S. My tPF login is not qwerty... :roflmfao:
  11. I have 9 user ID's.

    As for passwords, I have two. One is for passwords that only require letters, the other has numbers in it for those places that require you to have at least one number in the password.

    I don't know how I keep up with all this info, but somehow I do. :p
  12. I have one password for all my logins.
  13. I use one for my private email, my PayPal account, and my two online banking accounts. I have a separate password for an email address that I give out to retail stores or for signing up on forums/instant messaging. That's the same password I use for all my forums. Then my company's website and my company email have assigned passwords.
  14. Two personal emails
    Two credit card accounts
    Work network log in
    Company intranet log in
    work database log in
    purse forum
    2 bank accounts
    aol messenger
    eluxury :graucho:
  15. LOL Vlad!!
    Lets see..I tend to use a lot of variations, but I almost have a different pw for every site I go on!