how many hermes

  1. how many hermes do you own and what your favorite that you carry i love my light blue hermes:flowers::flowers:
  2. humm,.. I plead the fifth on how many but my favorite bag that i use on the regular is my 30cm Fjord chocolate Birkin. I'm trully devoted to her!!! :love:
  3. Only one for me right now! Gold togo 28cm Kelly:love:
  4. nice
  5. Got a few and I'm a slave to them ALL!!!!
  6. currently my rouge gp.
  7. currently my black gp
  8. ok....currently my Caramel Chevre Kelly. But that's because my new Flying Eiffel Tower pouchette looks so good on her!!!!
  9. a trinity of bags:

    vintage black box Kelly 35 with gold h/w
    vintage dark green Sac Mallette (haven't measured it, but this baby is big and heavy)
    vermilion mou Bolide 37 with p/h

    and a load of accessories scattered about.

    My favourite from an aesthetic standpoint is the Kelly, but I find that I use the Bolide most often, as I usually wear dark colours and enjoy the contrast and pop of its vibrancy. It's also a bit faster to get into, but can get heavy when lugging all day long. The Sac Mallette is lovely and nostalgic but way too heavy and impractical to consider as a day bag without also considering tendonitis. It makes cameo appearances here and there, though.
  10. my new fave is my recent acquisition, the vert anis togo 35 birkin.

    i stopped counting my bags. DH might hear me counting........
  11. I've got a few babies, but currently the Black Togo 35cm is out b/c it's raining here!:sad: Otherwise it'd be my new favorite Vert Anis with my new and first Twilly. :love:
  12. You have my attention! Big fan of the Sac Mallette here!!!!! Got any pics?:graucho:
  13. So far, my one and only - 32 black box kelly w/ gold hw... and she has a new accessory - my first pocket square! (Will post pics soon - my camera batteries are charging...)
  14. Last week's favorite: 31cm Chocolate Togo Trim
    This week's favorite: 37cm Rouge H Bolide
    Next week's favorite: ????
  15. My one and only BJ Evelyne :flowers: