How many Hermes does Victoria Beckham Have?

  1. I've save some images of VB with her hermes bags and I know that she has much more than what i've searched. So let's start counting shall we? This should be interesting. Please feel free to post pictures of Victoria Beckham with her hermes. Thank you.
    hermes birkin blue VB.jpg hermes birkin gold VB.jpg hermes birkin white VB.jpg hermes kelly25 VB.jpg hermes kelly32 VB.jpg hermes pluch VB.jpg hermes kelly ostrich posh.jpg victoria kelly ostrich.jpg
  2. She also has a Vert Anis Birkin and a Potiron Birkin, both 35 cm. I think she also has a 30 in fuchsia ostrich or something like that.
  3. LOTS!!!
    Here are some Birkins:
    I am sure I am missing some!!!
  4. I am drooling! I really want her fuschia birkin (is it ostrich?)! TDF!
  5. Kellys:
  6. When I see her carrying her Kellys in jeans- it makes me want one NOW! Especially the kelly in the first pic! What leather is that?
  7. YES!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS?!:love:
  8. I must get one! I need one! OMG! :love:
  9. love the long olive green suede coat and sunglasses in the first photo.
    do you know who makes the sunglasses?
  10. The glasses are GUCCI:
  11. Here is a better pic of it:
  12. That's not the true color in person. Fuchsia ostrich is a deep, rich raspberry pink and truly divine. If you search for the thread where Noriko posted the pics of her ostrich agenda, those show the true color..:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: fuchsia ostrich!
  13. I guess it looks brighter in those pics because of the camera flash.
  14. Perhaps because she's so thin I think VB looks much better with a Kelly than a Birkin. I've never seen a cognac(?) ostrich kelly but that one looks GAWJUS!!:love:
  15. What a collection!!

    Does she only wear Hermes?