How many here bashed LV Monogram line and now they love them?..

  1. I feel so awful how many times I bashed LV monogram bags,:rant: I own few from Epi line and one Damier, but now I feel so attracted to few totes from the monogram line.

    I like the Batignolles Horizontal, I think this will be my next puchase, however I know I will feel a little weird when I carry it for first time to work, I hope they don' t give me hard time about it, but I deserve it
  2. I used to dislike the Mono line because everyone had it, and it was duplicated to no end.. but now that I have the Klara, I'm SOOOO in love.. My bf laughs at me when he sees my holding it up and admiring it!
  3. My bf lughed so hard when he saw me at LV store looking the Popincourt Haut and Batignolles, he said "never say never"
  4. honestly i never really like the monogram line, i only have one vintage petit noe and one vintage small sling bag. the rest are from MC, panda and cerise.
  5. I disliked LV in general for a looooong time :shame:
  6. I used to hate monogram canvas and could not understand why people would want to carry anything with LV all over it. Now, I can't believe I ever hated it...:shame: :lol:
  7. I used to HATE the Monogram line myself. Actually just Louis Vuitton in general! So now that I'm getting ready to by a Damier Speedy I'm kinda wondering what some of my friends may think about the sudden switch. So I understand what you mean. Just don't think you owe anyone an explination. You're human, and you're allowed to change your mind :smile:
  8. and now you have so nice collection, I guess I'm not the only one.
  9. Thanks for advice, well said.
  10. I was def. OVER buying mono canvas about 2 years ago, I never hated it, but I had enough and wanted other lines, THEN that darn Batignolles Horizontal came out last year and I had to have it, I haven't bought anymore Mono canvas since (well a koala card wallet) but no bags, and may not for a while again, but I will always admire the Mono canvas whether I'm bored of it or not......
  11. I was so vocal about the hate. Now I'm the LV postergirl.
  12. I have never bashed it, but I have an appreciation for it, I didn't have when before PF.
  13. OK, I will admit it, I did not like the monogram for a long time, but I think I secretly liked it (does that make sense) and now I am an admitted LV fan.
  14. I'm still on the fence about Mono. I love Damier, Cerises, Cherry Blossom, etc. but I I'm still not in love with the regular monogram. Of course, this may all change tomorrow, or next week, if I keep hanging around here!
  15. Thanks for your input, that bag is so cute and find it very versatile as well.