How many have the Pirata Zucca on hold at SH?

  1. I ask because I think I counted three people, beside myself that have posted they have one on hold at SH, and I remember them specifically saying that they received only 3 of them. I placed the hold on my Pirata Zucca with Lindsey around June 10th or 13th...

    So, I just wanted to check and make sure, mainly because I worry that mine may have been given to someone else or something! (I always think the worst!) :confused1:
  2. I placed one on hold today, moment they opened! LOL I was actually worrying about having one that wasn't really on hold a little after I called! I always fear the worst!
  3. I put mine on hold yesterday.
  4. Yeah, when I called Lindsey about 3 weeks or a month ago she said there were three Pirata zucca's. Back then, nobody had any of them on hold yet because I had my pick of the three. But none of them had the placement I wanted so I passed, even though I like the price!
  5. Well, that's three of you right there... No one else should be posting that they got one on hold! *lol* Or there's problems... Haha.
  6. LOL that's what I was thinking! For some reason I'm really worried about mine... I feel like a lot of people said they put one on hold, but maybe I'm wrong. At least I hope I'm wrong- I want a pirata zucca soooo bad!
  7. Well, only three of us stepped up so far...and that would be the right number.

    I was looking for a pirata zucca w/ the cat on the island in the middle of the front and that's exactly what Lindsey said she put on hold for me.
  8. I was reading the other thread and I think kkiimm has one on hold as well...

    this is what she posted: "I put one on hold at Southampton.. Hopefully they understand what it means when I asked for the zipper & straps not to cut off any faces too much... :X"
  9. So what does this mean?? Maybe they're getting more than 3? Or is someone not getting one? I called at about 10:02 this morning, so depending on what time kkiimm called I'm currently last. I'm calling as soon as they open tomorrow and I'm gonna see what's up with this!
  10. Maybe they miscalculated how many they have... at least I hope so for all of your guys sakes! :wtf:
  11. hmmm, that doesnt sound too good >__< maybe the number was wrong? Maybe they got more in?
  12. OK honestly...I will not DIE if I don't get one. I really like the print and want a Zucca but...for some people they're sounding like they're going to kill over if they don't get it?
  13. OMG Jessaka I love that pic of you and your bags! I love Bella bags!!!
  14. Thanks LV_Mandy, Bellas are my FAVORITE style...Dana&Stephiee call me the Bella Queen lmfao ^__^ That's the pic I entered into the Pulse contest...but didn't make it to top 5...
  15. I totally agree those bags are too cute!!! they have their own stand? I need one of those in my room!

    well.... maybe when the bigger shipment comes in they might have more!!! hopefully. or maybe they made a mistake....