How many handbags do you have that your husband does not know about

  1. I confessed today about one of my bags. Blamed him for putting me in a bad mood, so I had to buy it to perk me up. (Okay, I am wrong for blaming him, but I had to admit to the handbag. I wanted to wear it on our anniversary.)

    However, still didn't tell him how much I paid, other than it was on clearance and I had a coupon and it was really really cheap, with free shipping. So I lied :blush:

    I still have 6 more in hiding.

    How do you handle your new purchases?
  2. I never tell my fiance how much I actually spend. I always knock off about a third of the price-- he would have a heart attack! As far as hiding bags from him I can't do that but when he notices a new bag I tell him "oh- I've had this for years.. haven't you noticed it before..?? hehe. He's actually pretty good these days as he is finally realizing that I have a legitimate condition and my bag obsession is beyond my control! God love him-
  3. My husband doesn't know a new or old bag. I was using a year old Coach bag and he told me nice bag! I've used it many, many times before! He doesn't know how many I own or how much they cost!
  4. :roflmfao: I am so with you! Whenever I know a package is coming, I spend the whole day hoping that it will arrive when my hubby isn't home (or at least when he is outside doing yard work or something)! If he is home, I try to be really non-chalant and I sneakily take it into my closet and unpack it. :graucho: If he isn't home I can dance around the house modeling for a while. Then when he sees me using a bag later and says something I just play innocent like, "what? this is old!" He's probably on to me (he's not that gullible!) but at least acts like he believes me!

    Hiding things from my mom is another story. Whenever I know I'm going to meet up with her, I make sure to carry one of the 5 or so bags she knows about so she doesn't find out how I'm really spending my money! Funny how even as an adult my moms' approval of my finances is still important to me.
  5. I don't have a husband so there's no problem! But a friend of mine who does keeps hers in a storage bin marked "Christmas."
  6. I've made a career out of hiding my handbags from my PHH! He has no idea. I have maybe 25 or so really nice bags. As long as he doesn't see me buying them, we're okay. Otherwise, yikes! He goes crazy.

    Since he can't distinguish one from the other he never really knows when I'm wearing a new one.
  7. I have mine all organized in plastic tubs. Two under the guest room bed, and 5 of them in the guest room closet. They are all labeled and organized according to colors. My most pricey ones I keep together! I must have 40 bags total-maybe more...but he probably has that many different golf clubs and golf shoes! :angel:
  8. My husband doesn't pay for my handbag addiction, so it doesn't concern him how many I buy! He has reimbursed me for a few bags after he bought something really expensive for a sports car. Guess he felt a bit guilty! I no longer work outside my home, so my bags are paid for with dividends checks that I receive for MY stocks, my allowance, or my personal savings account.
  9. My DH knows and does a lot of eye rolling at all my bags. I buy most of them on eBay or thrift stores and tell him I can sell them for cost or profit. Sticky point, selling them. I don't want to sell any of them!
  10. husband and i do the budget together and we both see what we have, coming and going in terms of funds...i don't keep my purchases from him...if he gets irritated about something we'll just talk about it...but....we just celebrated our 20th anniversary and it took a LONG time to be able to talk about it!
  11. Just wondering if I was the only one who did this.

    My husband commutes to another state for work so he is home only 2 weekends a month. The day before he comes home I am running around the house hiding everything and rearranging the closet. Just as soon as I drop him off at the airport, I run home take a deep breath, and put my pretty things back where they belong.
  12. . . . none . . . I order or eBay it. . . when it arrives I show him . . . I might be sticking my foot in my mouth . . . I buy Coach which is relatively inexpensive, compared to LV's, Chanel, Balenciaga, I would think income would be par . . . so why do you have to hide it?:confused1: I would hate to think that Mrs. Hughes ever felt inclined to hide her purchases from Mr. Hughes? . . . who is she talking about . . .
  13. luckily, i don't have to hid my purchases. My husband has really expensive "hobbies", gadets, cameras, and newest- cigars... so he really can't say anything to me :nogood:
  14. None - I'm painfully honest about these things, I'm afraid. :shame:

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: