How many H bags in Singapore?

  1. It is somewhat a "lonely" thing being an H bag owner in Singapore. None of my friends have one!! I am sometimes so closed to going up to strangers (who carry H bags) and making friends with them..... Desperation!!!! :hysteric:So, I'm curious to know how many H bags are "floating" around in Singapore. I myself have 3-- 1 Birkin, 1 Kelly, 1 Evelyne.
    Anyone else?
  2. hehe I have none at the moment, still waiting for the BJ Kelly :smile:
  3. Thanks for the response, princessfrog.
    ........ still waiting......
  4. My DH is in Singapore and called me from the Hermes store tonight (my time on West Coast). They had 1 gold 35cm Kelly but I passed on it. Birkins are backordered. The SA complained about Japanese resellers...said they gobble them all up. Maybe that is why your don't see so many there. BTW, he said it is a gorgeous and humid right now.
  5. yup, it's hot and humid alright! :smile: He's sweet to do H shopping for you - you trained him well ;)
  6. Actually I was really surprised! Although, we used to go to FSH and buy horse things, saddle pads, saddles, etc. He really liked that. A couple of days ago I sent him an email asking him to go and see if he could find me a Birkin or Kelly...for some reason I didn't want the gold Kelly, probably because what I really want is a blue jean Birkin.
  7. A friend's mum has got 10-15 birkins, 9-10 kellys and a whole lot of their bracelets...
  8. She's had it good! Many out there have 0 and still waiting. I waited for 3 years for mine and got my Kelly when I was holidaying in Rome.
  9. Tricia, don't know about you but I actually see a lot of birkins in S'pore.

    Kismet, I love to have a Blue Jean birkin too. Actually I don't mind a Gold or Orange either.
  10. And yes Kismet! You lucky gal!!
  11. u should come to indonesia & hk then, tricia.:yes: birkins r floating around everywhere, lol, not really. what i mean is u can spot a lot of birkins & kellies sightings.

    tricia, there're a number of s'pore members here in tpf. mrss, queenie, amanda, princessfrog, tammy, hysteric, accessorize*me, many others (those not mention, um, sorry. can't remember everyone's username) r from s'pore. they all own hermes. princessfrog, u own hermes too n that's the scarf u have. you're included too.:yes:

    during my last visit to s'pore, i met 3 beautiful owners with birkins. i posted this before. if u walk around high class shoppings malls or fancy eateries, i believe u can spot hermes bags. on the streets of orchard rd, rare.:wlae:
  12. dior: Thank you and you are correct, the Hermes bags that I spot are usually in hotels - Chatterbox's chicken rice and another one is at the local uni, when I was attending some course and it was a discrete Bolide.
  13. Yes, I do see them but not as much as I would expect, doesn't seem to match up with the llloooonnnngggg waitlist. Know what I mean? Perhaps like what Kismet said, the Japs are buying them up and some are holding to toooo many; like Vouge's friend's mum!
  14. princessfrog, is that your child? she's so cute. i can't wait to be a mother! i've been seeing my doctor seeking all the possible solutions to get me pregnant. dh and i r trying very hard.
  15. i think s'poreans carry hermes bags only for certain occasions.:confused1: those who carry other designer bags may own 1 or 2 hermes bags n r staying at home in the closet.:idea: