how many flutes of champagne in a bottle?

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  1. haha a bit random but i'm organising a party :yahoo: and i couldn't find the info.... anyone?
  2. I know in a wine bottle there are only 3-4 standard glasses.. champagne would probably be about the same?
  3. booo! :sad: what if i give... less full flutes hahaha dodgy! nah cuz i only bought 6 bottles for... 33 people... hmmm
  4. Hmm.. I might be wrong. I guess I could do a little test for you and see... :drinkup::party::drinks::tispy:
  5. haha party at frankie's anyone? bottoms up! :party:
  6. Oh my...6 bottles and 33 people?? That would last about an hour at one of my parties! What kind of party is it?? Remember, you do not want to run out, its better to have more then less in the case!!
  7. it's just for the toast at the preparty... it's just a small gathering for my closer friends then i'm having another 100 or so turn up with a $3000 bartab :yahoo:

    i'm so excited!!
  8. I can normally get five glasses out of a bottle. We had a party on Saturday night and six girls had seven bottles of champagne. For a larger party, not everyone will drink champagne. Although I don't think that six bottles is enough for 30+ people.
  9. :drool:
    Party at Yingisy's, methinks!!! :wlae:

    What's the occasion, may I ask?
  10. Is it possible to get magnums instead? (A magnum is the same amount as two bottles of champagne, so that would get you about 6 - 8 glasses each.)
  11. it's my 18th birthday...

    and just in case any of u were wondering in Australia 18 is the legal age :p nothing shifty happening here :graucho: :nogood: :okay:
  12. Wow, sounds like this'll be some 18th! Hope it all goes well, and happy birthday for the day. :tup:
  13. Woohoo happy 18th!!! How fun!
  14. Last New Years I got an Imperial bottle of Moet Chandon for mum, dad and me, and I think we had 2 or 3 flutes each. It can make you BURP!