How many fakes do you actually see?

  1. How many of you have actually seen fake birkins? How often do you see them?

    I saw two in New York. They were both black bags with silver hardware. And up close it was pretty obvious that it was a very bad fake. But the women were carrying them with a defiant glare as though the bags were real. I think they caught me eyeing their bags with a puzzled look.

    And then I saw a fake birkin about three weeks ago in Richmond, VA. It was a pink "birkin", baby pink to be exact. The woman and I both entered Banana Republic at the same time. The bag was clearly uneven and the color had worn off in many spots. The bag just looked terrible. But the SA in BR apparently though HER bag was real because she was fawning all over it and gave my birkin only a cursory, disdainful glance. :rolleyes: I could only chuckle inwardly.
  2. over here none (only tourists carry and buy them in karama market/the spot here to get indian fakes ) but everyone that lives here prefers the real deal and that goes for everything but hey it is a very show off country :lol: (seriously it is)
    in germany i see lots and lots of fakes some good most horrible. and in israel well as we don´t have hermès there birkins or kelly are not that popular to be copied so you just see very very rarly the real deal
  3. I saw two very obvious fakes when I was waiting for a bus yesterday.
  4. fortunately, of this specific brand, i've only spotted two. an orange ostrich JPG-ish birkin in NYC on madison avenue and a co-worker (yes, i know) is sporting a fake BJ clemence 35 cm birkin. and she uses it nearly everyday... oh well.
  5. I was at a taping of the Martha Stewart Show and a very chic upscale looking woman was carrying a fake black birkin. I gave the bag an aside glance that told her I knew it was a fake. Shame on her !

    I even saw one at Hermes NYC Madison Ave, couldn't believe it !

  6. I never see fakes in Hermes...only a real one here and there...actually, an authentic once in a very long time.
  7. Now THAT is bold. :blink:

  8. that isn't any nicer then when one PF member was verbally assaulted when a chanel SA said out loud "imposter" (if i recall correctly), when he mistook her authentic hermes bag for a fake. everyone here was horrified that a professional SA would hurt someone that way. It isn't right to do that to anyone. It isn't right to make someone feel bad for their choice in accessories and clothing. It isn't right to make someone feel bad if they DO spend $6,000+ on a purse (we have threads where members commiserate about how it's their money and they can and should spend it as they choose), and it isn't right to make someone feel bad for NOT choosing to spend their money that way. i could see an hermes executive being displeased, but not a fellow fashionista.
    an hermes bag is beautiful, so it shouldn't provoke ugly behavior.
  9. I have only seen fake birkins here in Vancouver; not many either. I have yet to see an authentic birkin. :sad:
  10. Maybe those are not FAKE BIRKINS!......


    Did all of you see any Hermes label or just the shape with the flap closed? :blink: :yes: :graucho:
  11. yep, that was me. Still waiting to hear back after writing my letter about the incident.
  12. that really inspired strong feelings in a lot of posters. that was so unimaginable, that someone would behave that way. i'm so so sorry that you had to feel bad because someone else was so awful. :heart:
  13. Two things...

    Can't believe you still haven't heard back from them Nathansgirl...WAY TOO LONG IMO! That is terrible...if you mailed the letter right away.

    As for fakes we see...I think it is more look alike bags and not exact copies. Trust me when I tell you...I live where all the container loads of these damn bags come least one port...and I see all the copies of all the bags...the expensive ones and the cheap Hermes...honestly...none. But a load of every other designer bag. The Hermes ones you see might be the good look alikes.
  14. OT: Didn't I say store managers are slow? Your complaint letter is not the 1st one or the only one. 1 mth= 5 or more letters? They may just throw your letter away. Want instant response? Boycott the store & encourage everyone else to do the same too. Go to other stores in other areas even if the journey is long. That'll be an alarming signal!!

    RT: I've never seen a fake birkin at all. Birkin lookalikes, yes.:roflmfao: :lol:
  15. my local store manager told me that a lady walk in to store with a fake one,who ask her comment on the US$500 fake birkin:blink: :huh: