How many fake items have you reported to eBay?

  1. I am on a roll I have reported 7 fake Chanel bags to eBay Australia today, so far 4 have been removed. Do you think that eBay could blacklist me or question my motives for being a such a prolific poster reporting such things?

    We dont have such a large selection on eBay Aust so it makes it easier to spot the fake items and I think it is abhorrant that people would blantantly rip other people off - so if I see something amiss I will report it.
  2. I've reported upwards of 12,000 fake Coach bags in the past year.
  3. Boy that is some record makes my few reports over the past few months miniscule and I was proud of my seven in a day effort :lol:. Do you have any problems with eBay? By that I mean do they question you at all? If I start reporting everything I see I am concerned that they would see me as a spammer or the like.
  4. I never reported Fake and I have to quit out from ebay because some members with a little knowledge about brandnames reported my items. Anyway, never sell fake. Poor me!
  5. No problem with Ebay. You see, THEY do not look at auctions for fakes. They review the reports that are sent in so if none are sent in they don't know whats listed. I don't mis-report. I do strictly Coach signature bags and if I'm not 100% positively sure its a fake, I don't report it. Most are extremely obvious, and some I just know whats not right. I'm also a member of the knowknockoff team and Ebay's Trust & Safety is very familiar with us and what we do.
  6. At least 400 since July 7th. Mostly Coach.
  7. I have reported thousands and thousands of fake Hermes bags over the years. Far from blacklisting you, if you continue to be an outspoken reporter of fakes (and can back up your claims 100%), eBay may very well contact you one day to participate in special test programs designed to get rid of even more fakes/sellers of counterfeits in the future.

    They really DO appreciate the reports, even if sometimes it seems like a waste of time and frustrating.
  8. I wish they'd just give me the power to ZAP out an auction when it's an obvious, ugly, stinky fake!! (Yeah, right!)
  9. i USED to spend about an hour a day reporting fakes, but ebay did nothing or removed very few. So I gave up. Like I said on another thread, unless it concerns my auction or those of friends or PF members I know, then I will not let it concern me. I gave the problem back to ebay , they are the ones who should be monitoring these auctions not me. Not my problem anymore.
  10. I've reported a fair few in the past year or so..probably a couple of hundred.

    Some get removed, but not all.

    The ones that get to me the most are the blatantly obvious fakes - those auctions go up straight away and seem to stay up til the end of the listing.:tdown:
    The genuine sellers, however, have their auctions scrutinised and pulled for breaching listing policies by using the wrong wording.:cursing:

    I now just do what i can, when i can - i would normally say every little bit helps, but when it comes to fakes versus eBay, i don't think it does!:rolleyes:
  11. I have probably reported hundreds of fakes in my eBay lifetime, mostly LV. That's really the only brand that I know enough about when I see a blatant fake. Like everyone else, I wish eBay would do more.
  12. I report a lot, especially when I see the sale price is going WAY over what any fake should cost.
  13. I don't know the exact # but I report almost daily and sometimes they sent me an email thanking me for making reports. I mostly report fake LVs because I'm an LV devotee for the time being, but have reported fake chanel and gucci in the past as well. Keep up the good work guys!
  14. Billions. I report everyone I see, as much as practiceable. But I only report those that are definitely fake, or that I've asked about on here and that multiple other members have confirmed are fake. If I'm not sure, I don't report it - I recently bought an item that I thought might have been fake, but MyPoupette told me it's definitely in fact real.

    If I can make a mistake on something I have in my hands, I don't take chances with others' auctions if I'm not sure. However, if I am sure.... :smash: