How many emails do you get a day? At home? At work?

  1. To my home address (I have two), probably 20 per day.

    At work (in the past): over 100!

    How about you?
  2. Home(I have 3): my Yahoo gets about 1,000 a day-Damn SPAMMERS! My Gmail gets about 3- Usually eBay notices and my AOL gets about 20-this is the one all my friends e-mail me on

    My work (I have 2 of those): They are both Gmail- I get about 15 to my personal, about 50 on the company email. I love Gmail, they weed out the spammers sooo well!
  3. Home: 20 per day
    When I worked: 40 or more per day
  4. My private email: Probably around 20-30 a day. Over 500 in my spam :rolleyes:

    My work email (ie. the emails I check for DH, lol): about 50-60 that actually need to be read and replied to
  5. Home: Around 15-20 a day.