How many dogs are too much?

  1. Anyone here have more than three? I'm considering a fourth mini long haired doxie. The addition would be about 2.5 yrs old. Am I nuts or not nuts? Thoughts?
  2. I think four dogs is more than fine! I don't see a problem with it, it's when you start hitting the teens you might have a problem. lol
  3. i guess it really depends on your life style and if you have enough room for another dog. I have two and would love to get a third if I can only talk my BF into it.
  4. lmao!

    (god help me if that happens! :p)
  5. I had actually talked my bf (now DF) into getting my dog's son. So we have three. I'm so close to pulling the trigger on #4... not sure how to handle the bed situation yet (the other three are space hogs even though they are under 10 lbs each... ).
  6. You sure are not going to get anything but a big thumbs up from me, a sister doxie owner! I wish I could have more than 2, we have the room, the backyard and the love but DH thinks 2 are enough.
  7. If you have enough time and love to give to four dogs then by all means, YES!!!! I have three now and think that four would be a perfect number. Is the new one a rescue? If so, all the more reason to add on to your family!
  8. If you can handle it, I don't see why not. It becomes a true "pack" that you have to make sure you are the packleader and everyone gets along (a la The Dog Whisperer)....
  9. I have 2 min pins and would love one more....but really its enough for us.
  10. I appreciate the comments! And FWIW My #2 Poopzilla (joke name) is mom to my DF's dog and Grandmama to the soon to be adopted. Spay and neuter peeps!!!
  11. we have 4 dogs... 2 shih tzu's, a dingo/huskie mix and a chow/shepherd mix ... PLUS my 2 cats.. imo the more the merrier as long as you can afford them and they will fit easily into your lifestyle :smile:
  12. I have 2 dogs, 1 shih tzu/poodle (shi-poo) and 1 maltese/havanese (havamalt) Their vet bills alone make them more then enough! I love them to death though :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I had a friend who had a team of Siberian Huskies, 5 in all. I think as long as a person can provide a loving home, has enough space for the dogs to be comfy (which would vary depending on the breed), and the finances to to provide them with vet care and good food, then it's all good.
  14. I had to respond...this thread is right up my alley!

    I had 5 dogs, but recently lost 2 of them on the same day... they were both 15. (One maltese, and the one in my avatar, a doxie mix) I have to admit it was a full time job to care for all of them properly, and make sure they were each loved equally. Not to mention when the doorbell rang, all hell broke loose! The three remaining ones are all over 10 years old now, so more vet bills to come. We just acquired another rescue dog, so now we have 4. They are lifetime commitments, and very expensive (ours are spoiled) but worth every penny for the joys they bring every day and their unconditional love is unparalleled.
    I would only recommend having more than two if you are financially able to provide proper care, and most importantly, are able to spend quality time with them. Also, having ample room is a must. I can not imagine my life without a houseful of furbabies:love:
  15. I don't see anything wrong with 4. My boyfriend might, but that's beside the point. :p

    Honestly, though, it all depends on the type of dog, your situation, etc. If you feel like it would be a good fit, then go for it! Yes, you can have too many, but for you it doesn't sound like 4 would be.