How many do you have?

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  1. I have just finished reading yet another Shopmom scarf thread- I am in awe of her! She must have a fabulous collection, as many of you do too. I am just starting out. A tiny little collection, but one that I am proud of. Here are mine.... how many do you have?

    Full size scarves: 1 (Paris-London)
    Plisse: 2 (Lumieres de Paris, Pluie d'entincelles)
    Pochette: 5 (Bolduc, Des fleurs pour le dire, Le triplets, Noel, Persona)
    Twilly: 2 ( Tohu Bohu x2)
    Others: 2 (1 tweedy , 1 losange)
  2. 0 for me!
  3. 0 for me too.
  4. I have ...40 something:shame: ... but started collecting in the early 90's...:shrugs:
  5. Sad little collection, but I imagine it'll grow since I have to ban myself from major bag purchases for awhile.

    Full size scarves:
    4 (obviously - unofficial names: flacons, mushrooms, flying carpet and the new hats/hatbox one)
    Plisse: 0 (but I want one bad)
    Pochette: 1 (the roses with raindrops)
    Twilly: 0
    Others: 0
  6. Full size scarves: 0
    Plisse: 0

    Pochette: 0
    Twilly: 0
    Others: 0
  7. Well, are you saying you do not like them?:p
  8. I started off with one a few months ago and once I found some favorite patterns (Turandot, Early America, Lumieres de Paris) I really hit my stride. My DH pointed out this evening that I could have gotten another bag with all the scarf-age that happened over the last few months. :shame:

    Full size scarves: 13 (3 Turandots, 2 Early Americas, 1 LDP, 7 misc. others)
    Plisse: 6 (3 in Lumieres de Paris, 1 Early America, misc. others)
    Pochette: 3 (all Les Triples- lavande, green, & pink)
    Twilly: 1 (Jardin Sur Le Nil in White & Green)
    Others: 1 cashmere shawl Fantaisies Indiennes
  9. Full size scarves: 3
    Plisse: 0
    Pochette: 11
    Twilly: 2
    Others: 0 - I need a shawl!!!

    Here's a pic of my scarves (and other stuff).
  10. I'm like Avadome, I have more than 50 pieces because I started collecting them in the 90's as well.
  11. 90cm silk: 9
    90cm silk/cashmere: 1
    silk/cashmere shawl: 1
    pochette: 3
    twilly: 2
    plisse: 0, but this is what I'm looking for next!
  12. Full size scarves: 0
    Plisse: 0
    Pochette: 1
    Twilly: 10
    Others: 2
  13. No, Avan quite the contrary, I would have a fit:hysteric: if I snagged my ring or any of my klutzy movements on my plisses, scarves etc. I have already ruined many shirts:shame: like this and cannot bear to this happen.
    If its not perfect and has snags and the like, I tend to not wear them. Enamel bracelets are able to take a beating and I can deal with a scratch here or there.
  14. Funny, I just did this inventory yesterday when I was bored in a meeting:

    Full size scarves: 7
    Plisse: 2
    Pochette: 6
    Twilly: 1
    Others: 0

    I am far from being done. I adore these scarves. My favorite is definitely the full size.
  15. full size - 1 (still have yet to wear it .... had it for months)
    what is the name of the skinny ones you tie on the bag?:shame: I have one of those. I'm clueless when it comes to scarves.:crybaby: