how many do you have???

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  1. not counting
    how many items of clothes do you have?
    jeans, tshirts, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, sweaters, etc. etc.
    how many?
    do you think it's a lot or not enough?
  2. jeans- 48
    tshirt- over 100
    skirts - 23
    pants-non jeans - 12
    shorts- 19
    sweaters- 36
    tank tops -stopped counting at 150

    I don't think I could ever have to much clothes.
  3. Sorry, I have clothes all over the place! Lol, it would take me a few days to count them all. Maybe when I organize my closet i'll let you know??
  4. yes, i assume/hope ppl went to go count. even a rough guestimate would be of interest to me. and also if you feel this number is too high or just right or what. i had an idea for a blog and this would be so helpful to me. and interesting anyways since i'm always working on curating my own closet.
  5. WAY too many! These #s are estimated

    Shoes- about 20
    socks- about 30
    underwear- about 30
    outerwear- 7 jackets
    accessories- like 100? I'm overwhelmed!
    jeans- 10
    tshirts including long sleeves and tanks- 50
    dresses- 5
    shorts/skirts- 15
    sweaters- 15

    I honestly wish I had less, and just really nice basics that go with everything, but I don't know what to do! I'm running out of space!!! :sad: I really need to simplify!
  6. I have no idea. I don't even use all of it. O.o
  7. OMG i could not count my shirts/tshirts/tank tops...waaaay to many, I use 2 closets in our house and I am actually working on my SO to let me turn one of the rooms into a walking closet.

    I do know however that I own 32 pairs of jeans... Its sad...I don't make huge amounts of money but at a price tag of $100 -$250 each, it adds up to a lot of money!! (at least thats what my boyfriend says :roflmfao: )
  8. holy crap, i dont even want to bother counting!
  9. Way too many to count! The most is jeans...tons and tons of jeans!
  10. ok, roughly... i'm no counting, i still have boxes of clothes i can't keep in my room at my bf's and my parents.

    shoes 40
    hosiery/socks/underwear 35-45
    outerwear 20 (coats, cardigans, jackets)
    accessories 60 (necklaces, bangles, suspends, belts)
    jeans around 10
    skirts & dresses & tops etc around 400
    bags around 50

    not to freak out on my clothes, mostly are vintage from thrift stores, so i did bought a lot :p
  11. jeans - 2, my burberrys (not much into jeans)
    jean skirts - 8
    tshirt - may be 10 if that
    skirts - 40 plus add 8 leather skirts (newest being my Prada and Miu Miu)
    shirts - at least 40 (for work)
    pants-non jeans - 30'sh
    shorts- 15
    sweaters - 40 (dressy kind, for work)
    cardigans/wraps - 30
    tops -at least 75 (I know the number have to be greater)
    suits - 25
    coats - 10 (short ones, non-weather)
    winter coats - 8 (woolen)
    - 7 (leather)
    - 4 (furs, fox, mink and rabbit)
    chaps - 2 leather
    vests - 6 fabric, plus 3 leather and also 1 fur.
    swimsuits - 10 plus
    kimonos - 2
    wedding dress - 1 (made that myself and have not worn it yet)

    shoes see shoe survey at the glass slipper
    belts and such - over 100
    jewelry and watches - about 75 items maybe?

    Gosh, I cannot count anymore!!! Think I have enough clothes but not enough... closet space.
  12. thank you for posting everyone.
    i'm going to give this a try:

    34 pieces
  13. WOW!!! I cant even tell you ive never tried to count.
    but however many it is it still isnt enough.
  14. :lol: Same here.

    If I had to guess........

    Jeans 20+
    Tee-Shirts (that I wear currently) - 10
    Slacks - 26+ (just went in the closet to count these - I was curious. I stopped at 26)
    Button Downs - 10
    Sweaters (cardigans, turtlenecks -short/long and sleeveless- 20+
    Halter tops - 15+
    Sleeveless tops - 15+
    Yogo Pants - 8+
    Tank tops - 15+
    Short Sleeve tops - 8
    Shorts - 10
    Dresses - 10
    Skirts - 8
    Dress Jackets - 8
    Suits - 12-15
    Vests - 4
    Twin Sets - 2
    Capris - 5
    Pull Overs (Fleece)- 5
    Track Suits - 2
    Track Jackets - 3
    Novelty Tops - 25+
    Camisoles - 15
    Jean Jackets - 1
  15. probably upwards of 500. i can't imagine ever counting all of it... LOL!

    a lot of my wardrobe is taken up by basics though.. then i buy a few new pieces each season to reflect the trends.