how many do you guys qualify as alot of Lv bags

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  1. just woundering
  2. I have 15 and that is not enough
  3. Anything more than 5 :yes:.
  4. ^^ i agree, 5 hahaa
  5. 30 or more!
  6. I'm a guy. Do we really need more than a keepall and a daily use? I'm probably going to take flack for that comment, but I'd like to hear some more opinions! Does a guy need more than that (accessories extra).
  7. I kinda agree with you on this even though I have more LVs than I actually need.
  8. A lot is more than 30.
  9. I agree w/ you. I too have more than I need, but somehow I find a use on all of them. :smile:
  10. I guess it's all relative, in my opinion a lot would be more than what I have storage space for.. I think I can still squeeze in a few bags, lol.
  11. I think a lot is over 8.
  12. More than 10
  13. 10 is a good number
  14. i was thinking anything more than ten would classify as a lot!
    I am fast approaching that number although I have several smaller LV items
  15. Not sure what I would classify as alot... I don't have many bags, as I tend to stick with the same ones over and over (I have 5 LV bags/purses) and I hate having things sit in a closet/drawer and never get used, so I tend to load up on LV accessories more than anything else. If I get a new purse, I really have to be head over heels in LVoe with it or else I feel I am wasting my money because it will just sit in its sleeper *yawn*. I'd rather have few that I enjoy and use than many that take up space. So how's that for answering, but not really answering the question - lol