How many different Toki's have you worn over the course of a week or weekend?

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  1. I can't wear my Toki's to work, so nights and weekends are all I get... and sometimes I go crazy. I like to match the bag to the event.

    This weekend, I wore 4 different Toki's

    Citta Rosa Corriere out Friday after work
    Foresta Corriere to run to the zoo to pick something up at the shop Saturday morning (it's very close-by, and there's a small local parking lot... so it's not as strange as it sounds)
    Spiaggia Bambino for shopping Saturday afternoon
    Citta Gioco to the movies Sunday afternoon.

    What's the most Tokis you've worn within a short period of time?
  2. Hmmm I believe I wore 3 different tokis in ONE DAY! :nuts: LOL Morning, noon, and night. Hahaha I was very picky that day.. and wanted to give my tokis some attention :p
  3. i have not used ANY of my bags yet. i'm too scared to. and i'm telling myself i will use them when i'm done collecting them. for now i lay them all out on my bed and stare at them.
  4. ha! Nothing wrong with that. I have a 2nd bedroom that I pretty much just use for a dressing room. I have most of my bags hanging up in there so I can just go in and look at them.:p
  5. woah dinosaurs - LOL awww that's cute :p Scotchgard them!! Then you can use this with no worries!! But if you want to wait until you're done collecting and just staring at them.. thats fine too :smile: I look at my foresta trenino once in a while.. and I get all giggly and happy :lol: Yay for dorks!

    QueenLouis - Wow!! A 2nd bedroom as your dressing room?!?! :nuts: I gotta get me one! haha :greengrin:
  6. i AM a dork. my boyfriend gets home and sees me surrounded by my bags and gives me this look like i've been cheating on him! bwahaha. sometimes i say 'i love my bags' when he's thinking i'm going to say 'i love you.'
  7. aw that's ok! =) i've used most of my toki's. i switch em off and on depending on what i'm wearing and if I wanna carry light.

    i guess i average wearing 2-3 different ones during the course of the week. (sometimes i'm lazy and just don't switch at all! like this CR BV.. i've been using it for the past 7 days straight :wtf:! haha) Tomorrow i'll switch it. :yes:
  8. heehee... it's not as fancy as it sounds. I have 2 bedrooms and it's just me. So, my dressing table (make-up & hairdryer) are in there and some odds & ends... so I decided to hang up my Toki's. I couldn't bare to keep them hidden in the closet with my other bags.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You make me want to surround myself with my toki bags!! hahahaha I think I'd stay on the bed for hours if I did that!! hehehehe

    QueenLouis - But still!! Its like a separate closet!! You hang your bags on the wall?? That would be awesome to look at!! But does it get dusty?? :confused1:
  10. i think i use on average 4 bags a week...

    paradiso cucciolo everyday to carry my laptop n lectures to class
    and a variety of small bags to carry my purse stuff..lately its been amore caramella

    and then my foresta luna or foresta trenino every weekend when i go home and a weekend purse which varies too so all of my bags get good rotation...these are usually the giocos, zuccas, caramellas, or bambinos!
  11. Hmm, this past weekend, I started out with my Tan Playground Bella Bella, switched to my Citta Zucca on Saturday, and now that I have my Famiglia Denaro, I think I'm going to switch to my new Famiglia Zucca tonight.

    I think the most Toki bags I have used in a weekend is 4.
  12. hmm well this weekend I used my amore gioco and my tan playground bella :biggrin:
  13. Last week I was at home in LA and I used only 1 bag and that was my paradiso BV. The TSA folks at Burbank airport even commented on my bag! I have a few "dead stock" bags that I dnt plan to use until all the store's are absolutely not selling them anymore. My BF call's them dead stock bcs he's a shoe head and I guess they use that term for new kicks that are still in the box and not used. He has so many dead stock jordan's he hasn
    t even worn yet. I guess we're competing!!!:boxing:

    We are running out of space in our room, with all of his sneakers and all of my bags, there's no more room for our clothes!

    OOPs I forgot to mention I use my harajuku sugar bag as my everyday, going to work bag. The toki's come out on the weekend or a night out with the girls.
  14. I alternate every week :smile: Then I don't get tired of them.
  15. In a given week, I use about 5 bags on average. I use my paradiso and amore zucca's the most because its soo large and I can fit lots of stuff in there so I wear it to go out. I wear my canguro when I walk my dog everymorning-just perfect for my nano, cash, and cell. My ciao and bella is for when I run errands and grocery.