How many different colors of the SAME BAG can you have?

  1. I am loving my Ergo Black Signature Tote. I love it so much that when I saw it in Brown at the outlet I had to have it. I just bought the Bamboo Hobo and am now thinking maybe I should get the tote as I really like the style. I was hoping for a patent bag for my birthday ... gup dare I say another tote? That would be 4 of the same bag! I think I will stop at three but I was wondering how many of you have many of the same style bag but in different colors. and if so how many?
  2. I have a the Miranda in Black and Bordeaux and hoping to get it in White this Spring.:drool:
  3. If you love a style, I don't see why you can't have it in lots of different colors... Personally, I try not to have the same bag just because whenever I see a style in different colors they're all still the same bag to me and I like to have variety.

    I do have to say I absolutely LOVE the '07 shoulder bag (just got the clay) and this is the very first style that I'm wanting multiple colors in!!!
  4. I have two Bleeker Duffles and am probably adding two more. I really love that Bag alot.
    I have four Alis. I have two Ergo Large Totes (turquoise and natural) and am probably getting another. I have two Ergo Hobos (mahogany patent leather and Vachetta Leather) and am probably getting a pleated one in the Spring. When I love something I tend to buy it in multiples. The reason being that for many years Coach did not make anything that I liked at all (4 years). Just in case they get in a design rut I have a great collection of bags that I can use for years to come. Just buy what you like, don't worry about having more than one color in a bag. If you like it you will use it.:tup:
  5. I want the Bleeker sig large flap in red and white both...I'd own those plus the coal if I could.
  6. I have to admit I have a swingpack addiction. I already have 2 and I see a third in the very near future! It is just so easy for me right now with 2 small children to have my hands free.
  7. I like to have variety in my collection and do not like to buy the same bag in different colors. I prefer to buy a variety of styles. I am also trying to get out of this handbag buying frenzy that tpf seems to create in all of us. Don't get me wrong, I love this place and spend A LOT of time here but I find that it does make me want to go to Coach a lot more than I normally would and when I get a new handbag, the "high" doesn't seem to last as long. I seem to always be searching for my next new bag. I always seem to find new styles that I like so instead of buying multiples of the same bag, I like to get a "taste" of all of the styles. That said though, I know that you happen to have some health issues with your back and can't really carry many of the bags out there. Since you did buy a few different Ergos this week, why not wait to see the new ones that are coming with the Spring line? Enjoy the ones you have now and pick up a few new spring Ergos. JMHO.
  8. as many as you want! If you find the "perfect" bag that serves all your needs, why stray?
  9. If something works for me I will get more than one color. I have two carlys.
  10. LOL...We have the same taste!! You will get 2 more...I DID!!

    I just posted this over in collection but here they are!!:heart:

    The wine is a small one. I bought it full price and THEN...I went to the outlet yesterday and got one for $ I am bringing the full price one back!! I bought the large magenta on eBay for $350 and I got the ink one at the outlet for...$160!!!!:yes:
    bleecker bags and stuff 011.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 013.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 016.jpg bleecker bags and stuff 020.jpg
  11. Is Bleeker at the outlets now?? Haha, I must be strong, I must be strong!!

    I have two large Carlys, but one is dark brown leather and one is tan suede, so they seem like very different bags. I also used to have 2 large ergo totes, but I ended up ebaying them because I wanted bags with zippers (hence the Carlys). I try to stay away from duplicating styles generally because I find that I like to switch sizes and styles frequently (and can't afford to own a dozen bags at once), but if you find one bag that works perfectly for you, I don't see a problem with having more than one!
  12. If I love a style, I'll get it in the colors I like! I do this all the time, hehe. ;)
  13. I have two Felicias and two Lilys from this year. This isn't exactly the same, but I used to buy the gallery totes in every unique patchwork they came in and every tote that was scarf. I actually ended up returning most. I had two ergo hobos (turquoise and teal scarf) but I just sold the turquoise and plan to list the scarf. I had two Penelopes, but I took the khaki signature back and kept the black leather. I have two small Bleeker hobos (Black/Khaki signature and British Tan) that I got in the outlets. Trying to pair down my collection and expanding to other designers. I now have two Gucci large chain hobos (brown and cream leather trim on monogram print). I have a LV Mono Mini Lin Speedy 30 and plan to go get a Damier Speedy 30 today.

    I think that is all my duplicates.
  14. I only just found a bag I love so much I want it in all colors haha so if you are completey crazy about a certain bag then, by all means, get several colors!!!!
  15. OK, this is my MO. When I love something I get it in multiple colors. I do it with clothes and shoes too, not just handbags. My mutiples include:

    2 Ali's black & whiskey

    2 large Carly's black leather and denim cotton

    2 Miranda's atlantic & black

    6 :shame: large Ergo hobos black, red, and white patent / black,vintage & turquoise leather.