How many different addresses have you had?

  1. I got to thinking this early morning, I've lived in 18 different homes (including in Greece, Puerto Rico, and the US) in my 32 years of living. My daughter has had 9 different addresses and she's only 11 1/2 years old. I guess you can say I moved around a lot when she was little. But now we've been in the same house for going on 7 years. And then there's my husband, who has only had 4 addresses in 37 years!

    And you? :smile:
  2. I'm 22 and I've had 11 different addresses so far. I come from a military family, so I moved around a lot
  3. Perth, Australia: 9
    London, England: 2
    Key West, Florida, US: 1
    Portland, Oregon, US: 2
    Sydney, Australia: 3
    Dublin, Ireland: 1
  4. canada: 4 (from birth - 21)
    USA (21-29): 9

    Hubby and I get restless....this current house has been 15 months and that is the longest!
  5. Two, I lived in one from when I was born until I was about two or three years old then we moved to this one & I've been here ever since, I'm eighteen next month so I've been living here around 16 years!
  6. How did Key West, Florida get in all that?! lol
  7. Been there done that.
    I've lived in a lot of different countries and I can't wait to come back to America, really (whoever says America sucks, should try living in certain other countries ahem).
  8. I believe there have been 7 total. When I was really young I know we had at least 2 different places but probably 3, and when I was 6 we moved into the house where my parents still live today. Just moved into the third place that my boyfriend and I have had together.

    All but one have been in my hometown, though that one was only about 10 miles away.
  9. How do you people remember all the addys??? I think I have probably had about 25-30, I used to move a lot in my teens and early twenties. I have lived in my current house for 9 years which breaks the record for the longest I have lived anywhere.
  10. I had two different addresses.
  11. Two, both in NYC. I need to get around more. :p:graucho:
  12. I've had two different addresses. I lived with my parents in the same house growing up, then I moved into my own house.
  13. So far? 12 or 13, mostly because I moved a lot, not my parents. I'm 25.
  14. I'm 19 and lived in the same house all my life so far.
  15. Only 2, that's so shameful, but I'm young, there's still a lot of time for living in different places.