How many designer jeans do you own and how many do you wear?

  1. I own
    7 Seven for all mankind
    3 citizens of humanity
    2 AG jeans
    1 joes jeans
    1 true religion
    1 rock and republic

    only wear 3 of the sevens, 1 of the citizens, 1 true religion, 1 ag, and 1 rock and republic. I hate the joes.

    I guess I should sell a few!
  2. Hmm... I've never even thought of this! Let's see:
    5 Seven for All Mankind
    4 Marc by MJ
    3 Citizens of Humanity
    1 Paige
    1 Lucky
    1 Frankie B.
    1 Blujeanious
    1 575 Jeans
    1 Earnest Sewn
    ... and that's all I can remember for now. I wear only 2 of the Sevens, 2 Citizens, the Paige, 575, and Lucky jeans on a constant basis.

    I REALLY need to try to clear out my closet! But I love every single pair! How does that happen?? :shrugs:
  3. 8 True Religion
    1 Citizens of Humanity
    1 Superfine Denim
    1 Miss Sixty

    I don't wear the Miss Sixty one's or 2 pairs of the TR.. and rarely wear the Superfine.
  4. Not many..
    5 True Religions
    6 Seven for All Mankind
    and one pair of Earls that were one of the first more expensive brands of jeans..I got them in high school (about 2000 or so)..they still fit but they aren't low rise so they're kind of odd looking now.

    Other than those, I wear them all.
  5. Here's my list:
    - 5 pairs of 7FAM
    - 3 pairs of COH
    - 1 pair of Miss Sixty
    - 1 pair of Hudsons
    - 2 AG jeans

    I wear them all:yes:
  6. Here's my list:
    3 - Seven For All Mankind
    5 - True Religion (currently trying to sell two of them though)
    1 - Dish (do they count?)
    15 - Rock & Republic

    I wear all the SFAM, all the R&R, 3 of the TR.
  7. My List:
    3 Seven For All Mankind
    4 AG jeans
    2 Chip & Pepper
    2 Blue Cult
    1 Paige Jeans
    2 Levis
    1 Paper Demin Cloth
    2 Joes Jeans

    I wear all of them and rotate them, I basically live in Jeans :p
  8. Here's what I have:
    5 Seven For All Mankind
    2 AG Jeans
    1 Blue Cult
    1 Miss Sixty
    1 Lucky
    1 Joes
    2 Paige
    1 Chip and Pepper
    1 Paper Denim and Cloth
    1 Yanuk
    1 Citizens of Humanity
    1 James Jeans
    1 People's Liberation

    I think that's all. I wear them all except for the Paper Denim and Miss Sixty. They are my older jeans and don't like them as much anymore. The others I wear regularly but I usually rotate 4 at a time. The rotation continues when I "find" the others that I've forgotten I have. I think I will break the 20 mark this weekend. Can't stop buying jeans!!! Glad to see I'm not alone!
  9. Oops! I forgot that I just bought a pair of Taverniti So Jeans a couple of weeks ago. I do have 20!
  10. 4 Seven For All Mankind
    2 Citizen of Humanity
    2 Paige Premium Denim
    2 J Brand
    1 Miss Sixty
    1 Chip and Pepper

    Right now I wear a lot of my J Brand jeans and not so much SFAM.
  11. I have
    6 pairs of 7s
    2 TRs
    5 R&R
    1 pair of Miss Sixtys
    1 pair of diesels
    2 Joes

    I wear my sevens, joes, and r&r the most but do wear all of them ocasionally.
  12. way too many! and it only gets bigger since I have attachment issues and can't part with any of the pairs that I dont wear. :shame:

    I only wear ~ 8 pairs!
  13. I don't have many right now, but I'm looking to expand:

    3 SFAM
    3 Citizens
    1 AG

    I ALWAYS end up wearing the Citizens.
  14. 2 True Religions
    1 Diesel
    1 Chip & Pepper
    (the rest of my jeans are cheapo Express)

    I really only wear the TR's- (the Diesels are too tight and the Chip & Peppers are too short :push: )
  15. I've seen your collection on another thread and it is amazing!