How many dentelle bags were or are going to be made?

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  1. How limited are the bags?
  2. Well, the line is on Eluxury, so the Dentelle isn't super limited. But I think it was just the one initial shipment, so they should only last for the season.
  3. The runway bags (kirsten and fersten) are the most limited. The speedy and BH are readily available!
  4. ^:yes:
  5. They're seasonal, but as for the Kirsten and Fersen... they are pretty limited
  6. I agree with the rest. Seems that the Kirsten and Fersen are more limited than the Speedy & BH. But again, I don't think they are that limited as my store has 2 Kirsten and a Fersen. They rarely get limted stuff in. I did not even get to see the Miroir here! So basically, I'd assume that it's not as limtied as the Miroir.