How many delivery attempts does DHL make?

  1. I ask this because I think they may have left a delivery notice...I checked the tracking and it seems like they dropped by before (it said at 8:05 AM, it arrived in my city, and at 9:56 AM, the item will be available once payment/duties is received, and at 1:29 PM the item returned to the DHL facility) and left a delivery notice BUT it's super windy today and if they stuck it to my door like UPS sticks their crappy adhesive delivery notices to my door it would have been blown away by the strong wind.

    I left a note on the front door (I have a glass screen door so the note is stuck inside) and asked them to put the delivery notice slip in the mailbox instead...

    Does anyone know how many attempts DHL will make before they send your package back to the sender?
  2. I think they try 3 times. Ive had them attemp to deliver to my home as well. Theres also a number you can call to go pick up your package. You might want to try finding it on there website! Good Luck!
  3. i'm from calgary and i think two. there's a space on the delivery notice where you can sign if you like your pkg left by the front door on day no. 2 in case no one's home!
  4. Thanks both! I certainly hope it's actually two...if the wind actually blew away the notice, tomorrow would be attempt number two and it may be back to sender for my package! Eek! :s
  5. I think it's 3...but sometimes it will say "attempted delivery" but that actually means they put it on the truck but didn't hae time to deliver it that day - which might be why you didn't receive a note!
  6. I'm having the same issue, except my status says it arrived in the early a.m. yesterday at the local hub, then was with delivery courier for about 2.5 hours, then went to "arrived at USPS" which it still says this morning.

    I have no idea what 'arrived at USPS' means and why it would be with the post office.
  7. Many times, DHL partners with the USPS for delivery. That's why yours tracking shows arrived at USPS. Your package will be physically delivered by the USPS, not DHL.
  8. ^^ Apparently DHL has a new service in which they've partnered with the USPS and with this service they deliver to local post office who then delivers the package to you.
  9. LOL! We posted at the same time. I just discovered the same info. :smile: